OptiTrack S250e Motion Capture Camera Now Available

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Sun, 11/21/2010 - 19:00 -- Nick Dager

The OptiTrack S250e motion capture camera is now available. The company says the S250e is the first full-featured Ethernet motion capture camera in the world for under $2 000. 

 OptiTrack has always offered the most affordable motion capture technology on the market says Jim Richardson NaturalPoint co-founder and lead engineer for the OptiTrack motion capture line. With the release of the S250e we are reshaping the CG production landscape coupling that aggressive pricing strategy with a continued investment in core optics and image processing technology. The result is a motion capture camera that offers unprecedented performance for its price point. 

 The S250e offers 250 FPS capture SVGA resolution expansive field of view on-board image processing software-controlled IR filter switching and some of the most advanced M12 lenses in the world all housed in a compact aluminum and soft-touch polycarbonate case. 
The S250e motion capture camera is available immediately for $1 899. OptiTrack www.optitrack.com