Omnimago Chooses DVS Technology for Storage System Reorganization

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Fri, 09/26/2008 - 20:00 -- Nick Dager

Ingelheim Germany-based A/V post-production provider Omnimago has purchased a DVS-SAN from DVS. Sven Lohnke responsible for IT at Omnimago says With the DVS-SAN DVS has offered us precisely the storage solution that we had been looking for for such a long time. We are achieving extremely high data rates and we also benefit from the excellent tools offered by the Spycer software. With its open design DVS-SAN integrates seamlessly into our workflow and enables us to use our time efficiently. The existing third-party SAN system has been replaced with the DVS-SAN. As a central online storage medium the DVS storage solution handles three parallel 2K streams in real time. For an NAS solution Omnimago uses a SpycerBox which is connected to the DVS-SAN and completes the heterogeneous storage network. The integrated Spycer data manager permits users at Omnimago to effortlessly run non-fragmenting high-speed copying processes for single or multiple clip sequences. With the DVS-SAN Omnimago is now able to use workflows that the previous SAN had been unable to handle due to performance issues. Thanks to the open components in the DVS technology the DVS systems easily integrate into existing workflows. The specially designed Spycer for DVS-SAN software offers fast-copying processes renaming of recorded DPX files and modification of header information. Should it become necessary to defragment clips—e.g. due to previous copying processes' usage of different software—the Spycer scheduler is able to run these and other time-consuming applications automatically at night or during weekends. Omnimago GmbH is a professional service provider who processes movies documentaries trailers and historical film material with a resolution of up to 2K. The DVS storage systems significantly speed up and improve the efficiency of Omnimago's workflow. This optimization allows a larger number of projects to be carried out and offers optimum content management across the entire storage network. Michael Bauer DVS sales director for central Europe says Omnimago is a renowned service provider in the post-production industry which has extremely high broadcast-level demands on the technology used. We are happy to provide Omnimago with a fast and efficient workflow using DVS-SAN and SpycerBox.