Offhollywood Installs Clipster Red Systems in New York Baton Rouge Facilities

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Tue, 05/12/2009 - 20:00 -- Nick Dager

New York post house Offhollywood has purchased the DVS Clipster with Red workflow DCI mastering acceleration hardware which allows for a real-time Red 4K workflow. Offhollywood says it is the first facility on the East Coast to have the capability. A second Clipster system will be installed in the Offhollywood South/Digital FX facility in Baton Rouge Louisiana. The Clipster upgrade provides full-quality decoding and debayering of 4K Redcode material in real time. With the system Offhollywood says it will be able to show DPs their work at full 4K quality in real time and to create dailies for Avid editing in a single rapid step. The Clipster also provides Digital Cinema Initiative mastering and conversion of stereoscopic film data to Digital Cinema Packages in one step. The Clipster with Red and DCI hardware acceleration from DVS is an amazing almost unbelievable solution that offers a huge performance increase over past Red workflows although its impressive digital cinema authoring and support for digital 3D packaging alone make it a worthwhile investment says Offhollywood CEO Mark L. Pederson. It's stunning stuff and anyone who understands Red workflows and sees this solution will not want to live without it. Bottom line: No other product compares. We are fully committed to being at the cutting edge of all things Red and the Clipster is hands down the most powerful Red workflow tool available today. As a high-end DI company Offhollywood takes a forward-thinking approach to providing an optimal environment for DI finishing and the Clipster is a perfect fit says Tony Fox East Coast sales and market development manager at DVS Digital Video Inc. Offhollywood really understands the requirements of its customers and the intricacies of end-to-end Red workflows and we're so happy to be working as a supplier to the company as it pursues faster better easier and more efficient means of completing DI work and servicing clients shooting on Red cameras. Digital Video Systems Offhollywood