OConnor Introduces 120EXe Fluid Head

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Fri, 08/28/2009 - 20:00 -- Nick Dager

OConnor Engineering has introduced the 120EXe Encoded Heavy Duty Fluid Head designed to provide high-precision pan and tilt position information for cinema quality visual effects production on feature films and commercials. The new 120EXe is being premiered by Mo-Sys in conjunction with Mo-Sys’ latest camera motion capture system. The 120EXe provides absolute output pan and tilt position information via an external 19 pin Fischer connector. Mo-Sys provides a companion encoder box for the 120EXe which allows high-resolution pan and tilt data of 1.8 million counts per revolution to be output from the head making it suitable for film and HD formats. When the 120EXe is coupled to the Mo-Sys Motion Logger it instantly becomes a powerful camera mocap system for use in post-production.  When used with the Mo-Sys 3D Inserter it also allows real-time previsualization of live action and CG compositing on set. The e-version of OConnor’s established heavy-duty 120EX fluid head features built-in encoders and does not requires bolt-on assembly of other hardware. Like the 120EX the 120EXe can support up to a 120 pound (54 kilogram) camera package through the head’s entire tilt range of plus-or-minus 90 degrees and can counterbalance up to 240 pounds (109 kilograms) through a tilt range of plus-or-minus 60 degrees (payload weights based on an eight-inch center of gravity). Mo-Sys www.Mo-Sys.com OConnor www.vitecgroup.com