Norway’s Media Direct Norge Installing AAM’s AdFuser Software

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Fri, 08/08/2014 - 10:55 -- Nick Dager

Arts Alliance Media will supply Norway’s Media Direct Norge with AdFuser software to manage and automate MDN’s entire cinema advertising workflow. MDN is one of the pioneers of cinema advertising in the Norwegian market and covers more than 200 screens in the region, all of which will be powered by AdFuser.

AdFuser software powers advertising on cinema screens and lobby display screens, using sophisticated targeting rules to aim campaigns at specific demographics and enabling exhibitors to increase revenues without increasing costs.

With AdFuser, the entire advertising process for on-screen and lobby advertising is automated, requiring no input from the cinema sites. In a market such as Norway where digital cinema advertising is already very advanced, AdFuser takes the process to a new level of power and efficiency. Ad content is targeted automatically to the precise audience the brand requires and content is inserted into the right slots in the playlists, not only drastically reducing the administration overhead but also reducing errors that can result in the wrong content being shown and potentially upsetting an audience.

Supporting national, regional and local advertising, AdFuser offers efficiences and cost savings right across the process through automatically targeting and building a campaign at the click of a button. The technology behind AdFuser not only enables more precise targeting than ever before, but lead times for advertisers are also significantly reduced, enabling changes to be applied in minutes and attracting new advertisers to the medium.

Advertisers and media agencies can also benefit from fully automated reporting and analytic insights, increasing accountability and reliability for brands. Using data from cinema playback logs, AdFuser’s reporting technology shows exactly which ads played and when, as well as providing reports on other data such as billing and inventory, all with minimal operator effort, thus reducing time spent on compliance to allow more time for ad selling.

AdFuser also works across lobby screens in cinemas, providing a seamless experience across all screens in the complex. Lobby screens can be included in advertising campaigns, benefiting from the same advanced targeting as on-screen campaigns, and can also be configured to show information such as concession promotions, trailers, interactive touch displays or social media feeds. AdFuser also enables trailers and posters to automatically update based on the upcoming movie line up, and advertising to be linked from the lobby to the cinema screen, eliminating the need for sites to manually update displays themselves.

Bjørn Erling Ottersen, chief executive officer of MDN said, “We’ve been using Cadien, the predecessor to AdFuser, for several years and now are excited to take advantage of all the advanced features of AdFuser to automate our pre-show and deliver highly advanced levels of campaign targeting to our customers. AdFuser seems to be a powerful software, enabling us to automate the business process even more and we are looking forward to having the possibility to segment to an even more detailed level based on film genre, target groups and demographics as well as having full proof-of-play reporting, bringing a large level of accuracy and transparency. We are really looking forward to using this system.”

Richard Hill, vice president product at Arts Alliance Media said, “We see AdFuser as the future of cinema advertising.  We’ve used all our digital cinema technology expertise to create a truly distinctive product – there is nothing else on the market that can automate the cinema advertising process this well. The software has been specifically built for digital cinema, and hasn’t had to deal with limitations of 35mm or e-cinema products. With AdFuser, MDN can target and sell advertising in any way they want to, enabling them to offer an even better service to their clients as well as increasing their revenue and lowering costs.”

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