Nordisk Film Cinemas Named 2023 International Exhibitor of the Year

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Mon, 03/20/2023 - 09:08 -- Nick Dager

Nordisk Film Cinemas has been named as the 2023 recipient of the International Exhibitor of the Year award by CineEurope.

Nordisk Film Cinemas has been named as the 2023 recipient of the International Exhibitor of the Year award by CineEurope.The award will be presented as part of the CineEurope Awards Ceremony hosted by The Coca-Cola Company on June 22 at the Centre Convencions Internacional Barcelona (CCIB) in Barcelona, Spain. Accepting on behalf of Nordisk Film Cinemas will be CEO Asger Flygare Bech-Thomsen.

Each year at CineEurope, the International Exhibitor Award is given to a cinema exhibitor whose accomplishments, new developments, growth, and market leadership make them the standard-bearer for the industry.

Nordisk Film Cinemas CEO Asger Flygare Bech-Thomsen“It gives us great pleasure to present the International Exhibitor of the Year award to the Nordisk Film Cinemas chain,” said Andrew Sunshine, president of The Film Expo Group. “Nordisk Film Cinemas has built a culture of innovation for cinema, changing the moviegoing experience in Scandinavia. It has proven to be a pioneer in the industry, and we congratulate all on this well-deserved honor.”

Welcoming the announcement, UNIC CEO Laura Houlgatte-Abbott added,“We are delighted that Nordisk Film Cinemas is the 2023 International Exhibitor of the Year. A leading Nordic cinema chain, they have continued to expand and strengthen in recent years and consistently offer a superb experience to its audiences across Denmark, Norway, and Sweden. We look forward to celebrating together at CineEurope.”

Nordisk Film Cinemas is the market leader in both Denmark and Norway with 47 cinemas and more than 250 screens across Scandinavia, including Sweden.

It is part of one of the oldest film companies in the World – Nordisk Film founded in 1906 just outside Copenhagen. It invests heavily in superior guest experiences and innovative cinema concepts and has introduced several premium large format experiences across its markets including the first THX Ultimate Screen in Europe in Imperial in Copenhagen and several 4DX screens.

Nordisk Film Cinemas has spearheaded the conversion of auditoriums to recliners and other upgraded seating options with 75 percent of its cinemas having upgraded seating options totaling a third of all seats, with more to come. It continues to drive the Scandinavian market recovery through its innovative approach to both people and technologies, opening and refurbishing cinemas to provide outstanding cinematic experiences across the region.