New Alamo Drafthouse Cinema to Feature Sony 4K Projection

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Tue, 10/13/2015 - 15:09 -- Nick Dager

Alamo Drafthouse Cinema has expanded its 4K footprint by purchasing the first Sony SRX-R515DS dual 4K projection system in the US.

Alamo Drafthouse New Mission is due to open its doors later this year in what was formerly San Francisco’s historic New Mission theatre. The iconic century-old movie palace has been restored to its former glories after four years of painstaking work overseen by Alamo Drafthouse founder and CEO Tim League.

Delivering high on-screen light levels for bright, detail-packed true 4K pictures in 2D or 3D, America’s first SRX-R515DS gives patrons a spectacular view of first-run features, arthouse classics and more.

Named "Coolest Movie Theatre in the World" by, Alamo Drafthouse puts a premium on image quality as a central part of its commitment to provide audiences with a truly exceptional entertainment experience.

“Since installing our first 4K projector, we’ve known it’s the only way to give customers the picture quality they deserve,” said Tim Reed, chief development officer at Alamo Drafthouse Cinemas.

“More recently we carefully compared 4K offerings from all manufacturers. It was clear from the outset that Sony’s SRX-R500 series was way ahead of the game for picture quality in terms of detail and color – and especially its extra-high contrast ratio.”

Currently operating a total of 20 sites across the US, the pioneering chain has extended its 4K fleet further. New Sony SRX-R500 series projectors have been installed at Alamo Drafthouse’s recently opened site in Laredo, Texas, and the brand-new La Vista multi-screen complex in Omaha, Nebraska, that’s scheduled to open before the end of this year.