NEC Offers Financial Incentives for Digital Cinema Theatres

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Wed, 10/21/2009 - 20:00 -- Nick Dager

NEC Display Solutions of America has announced the availability of financing incentives for theatre owners looking to upgrade cinema projector capabilities to digital. Now through December 31 NEC is offering eligible organizations special financing packages with low introductory payments on eligible NEC 3D-enabled digital cinema projectors. With the increased number of 3D movies scheduled to be released over the next few months now’s the time for theatre owners to improve their technology and benefit from the increased box office revenue associated with 3D movies says Jim Reisteter general manager digital cinema division NEC Display Solutions. We’re excited to offer special financing programs to help theatre owners obtain advanced digital projector technology for 3D that has the potential to pay for itself within 12 to 18 months. Combining advanced DLP Cinema projectors with multiplex and screen servers NEC's Digital Cinema Projector Series offers the most comprehensive digital cinema solution on the market today. These models enable theatres to deliver stunning digital images regardless of screen size while simplifying theatre management and reducing costs. NEC digital cinema projectors require the use of a 3D enabler in order to display 3D films and enablers are available through Dolby RealD and MasterImage. NEC's 3D-enabled digital cinema projectors the NC2500S-A and NC1600A-C meet DCI specifications for performance and reliability which are requirements in the cinema industry today. We’re thrilled to provide offers that allow theatre owners to take advantage of NEC’s innovative projector technology says Herschel Salan vice president and general manager NEC Financial Services. Theatre owners have a unique opportunity to affordably improve their digital cinema projector technology and subsequently reap the benefits of increased revenue due to 3D movies. During these difficult economic times we want as many theatres as possible to experience the value that NEC has to offer.” NEC Lease ,1341
TrioScopics Announces 3D Glasses that Claim to Work without Specialized Support Equipment,2009-10-22,John Lowry founder of TrioScopics says the company has developed stereoscopic imaging technology which consists of proprietary encoding combined with inexpensive glasses and does not require specialized projectors screens players or display equipment thus eliminating a major impediment to the distribution of 3D entertainment. TrioScopics has the potential to make high quality 3D ubiquitous in the marketplace immediately without any equipment investments or expensive upgrades says John D. Lowry founder of TrioScopics. Lowry has been solving picture-processing problems in the motion picture and television industries for 57 years and holds numerous patents on imaging technology solutions. With cost barriers eliminated studios and exhibitors can meet the escalating demand for 3D entertainment and significantly boost 3D earnings potential for d-cinema and home entertainment applications. At the recent 3D Entertainment Summit Lowry used a 48-foot screen to show 3D content that had been processed using the latest iteration of TrioScopics' technology which is the result of three years of research and development. The process combines the left and right eye image pairs into a single color-encoded image that appears as a full color 3D image when viewed through the TrioScopics-designed glasses. Lowry says the TrioScopics system presents excellent 3D depth a wide range of color and superb image fidelity in both digital cinema and home theatre situations. Lowry is active with Lowry Digital which he founded 11 years ago. The Lowry Process a proprietary image processing technology that he developed has been used to fine tune motion pictures like The Curious Case of Benjamin Button as well as to restore hundreds of cinema classics including Citizen Kane the original Star Wars trilogy and the James Bond and Disney Classics libraries. Most recently The Lowry Process was used to restore video images from the Apollo 11 moonwalk for NASA. Early versions of TrioScopics' 3D technology were utilized in the DVD and Blu-ray releases of Journey to the Center of the Earth (October 2008 for Walden Media) My Bloody Valentine (May 2009 for Lionsgate) and Coraline (July 2009 for Universal) for which about 50 million pairs of TrioScopics' glasses were manufactured and delivered. Our 3D technology has improved with each subsequent release and is now poised to provide a state-of-the-art immersive entertainment experience to audiences worldwide says Lowry. There are approximately 6 000 digital cinema installations in North America and over half are not equipped for 3D projection. Our technology meets the growing market demands for 3D entertainment today expanding the number of theaters capable of displaying 3D movies without the need for investments in new screens accessories or systems. We can help distributors and exhibitors put 3D on more screens now instantly creating significant earnings potential. And we think that might be a game changer for the business. Lowry founded TrioScopics with Ian Cavén in February 2007. TrioScopics ,1345
Technicolor says Studios will Support its Film-based 3D System,2009-10-22,Technicolor Business Group has announced support from multiple major motion picture studios for the release of theatrical content presented in Technicolor 3D a high-quality 3D solution that works with existing 35mm projectors that was announced last month.  DreamWorks Animation Lionsgate Paramount Overture Universal Pictures Warner Bros. and The Weinstein Company are working with the company to deliver content for presentation in Technicolor 3D.   With the continuing success of 3D movies at the box office 17 3D titles have already been announced for 2010 release with more expected from several distributors.  The studios noted above account for the majority of these titles including How to Train Your Dragon Piranha 3D Shrek Forever After Despicable Me Cats & Dogs: The Revenge of Kitty Galore Friday the 13th: Part 2; Guardians of Ga’Hoole Alpha and Omega Burst Oobermind and Yogi Bear. Additionally Technicolor executives say that Deluxe Entertainment Services Group has agreed to enter into a marketing and technology arrangement with Technicolor and will provide their customers with the necessary post-production and film printing services to deliver Technicolor’s 3D solution.  Kodak and Fujifilm have also announced support of the Technicolor 3D solution. “The Technicolor 3D rollout substantially increases the 3D theatrical footprint delivering to studios a larger platform for reaching masses of moviegoers – and thereby increasing the box office for distributors and exhibitors ” says Frederic Rose chairman and CEO of Thomson/Technicolor.  “Technicolor is thrilled to extend our partnerships with these top studios and other key industry players to address the 3D gap and ensure every exhibitor that wants quality 3D will be able to afford it.” ,1346
Advanced Digital Services Upgrades its 4K Capabilities,2009-11-13,Advanced Digital Services has upgraded its digital intermediate capabilities to diversify the post-production services currently offered by the company. The upgrade includes a Clipster from Digital Video Services which will enable the post house to complete a variety of DI tasks including capturing DCI mastering and the ability to edit uncompressed 4K data. We've used DVS' systems at ADS for the last five years for services like restoration editorial and graphics says ADS' technical operations manager Tom Sehenuk. Incorporating the latest Clipster now allows us to produce JPEG2000 workflows in real-time.  We're doing encoding for Universal's archive right now and they specifically requested Clipster because it is the only system certified to handle their JPEG2000 requirements. Adding it to our Digital Operations Center is the 'icing on the cake' allowing ADS to provide an even broader range of mastering and distribution formats in one facility.   We would constantly get calls for Red workflows and now we don't have to turn those clients away. Although both generation Clipster systems will expand our current service capacity we are excited to push into Red JPEG2000 and DCP Sehenuk says.   Jack Fleming president of ADS says ADS has always taken great pride in offering significant value to our clients and the latest generation Clipster is a welcome addition to our editorial workflow and technical resource base.  The new offering will provide new and existing customers with specific DI post production tools optimized to reduce workflow complexity affording a higher level of creative freedom to produce best-in-class assets. Advanced Digital Services   ,1350
OConnor Supports To The Arctic 3D for MacGillivray Freeman Films,2009-11-13,MacGillivray Freeman Films Educational Foundation Campion Foundation the Canadian Museum of Civilization and Oceana have joined forces to document the changes occurring in the Arctic. To the Arctic is the seventh project in the MacGillivray Freeman Films ocean-and-water-themed films that promote conservation of the natural world. Shot entirely in 15/70mm in Canada Alaska Greenland and the Arctic Ocean To The Arctic uses the immersive power of 3D Imax cinematography to document the abundance of life and diversity found in the Arctic as well as the dramatic transformations taking place in the region from climate change.  “Our Imax gear is very heavy so we have to use the biggest and best equipment possible ” says producer/director Greg MacGillivray. “That is why we use the OConnor head. The camera itself weighs 125 pounds fully loaded. “MacGillivray Freeman Films has used OConnor equipment for many years ” he says. “We still use an OConnor 100 and 150 with our Imax Mark-II camera. We used the 100 while shooting from the North Face of the Eiger in our film The Alps. With our type of documentary filmmaking and the size of the equipment we use we are very hard on the gear. So we need gear that can handle the punishment we provide. “This is where OConnor comes in ” he says. “In the Imax format any little hiccup or glitch is exaggerated ten times so you need a head that is smooth with no jerkiness and is extremely dependable. We used the 2575 head as our workhorse head until OConnor came out with the new 120EX head.” MacGillivray and assistant Rob Walker first used the 120 EX as a demo at a screening of one of their films. “I fell in love with it ” MacGillivray says. “When the camera is balanced you can tilt from straight up to straight down and stop anywhere in between and the camera will stay and then continue the move without any glitch or jerkiness to the move. The older OConnor head had spring tension and counter spring tension so you had to use a little muscle strength to make a smooth move. “For To The Arctic the 120EX was invaluable ” he says. “The counter shaft technology is wonderful. You barely have to use any strength to make a smooth move. We put the head through the punishment of our type of film making on this project. In my 40 years of film making I’ve always relied on OConnor – and this is the best head I’ve ever used.” To The Arctic produced by two-time Academy Award-nominee Greg MacGillivray and shot by MacGillivray cinematographer Brad Uhlund and assistant Rob Walker is slated for release to 3D and 2D theatres in the Spring of 2011. ,1352
Caleb Deschanel to Receive ASC Lifetime Achievement Award,2009-11-13,Caleb Deschanel will receive the American Society of Cinematographers Lifetime Achievement Award. He will be feted by his peers at the 24th Annual ASC Outstanding Achievement Awards celebration in Hollywood on February 27 at the Hyatt Regency Century Plaza Hotel.   Caleb Deschanel is an extraordinarily talented cinematographer who has played an influential role in cinema history and driven artistic excellence in contemporary filmmaking says ASC president Michael Goi. For him to receive this honor while still at the top of his field shows the profound influence and respect he has among his peers. His innovative cinematography is inspiring. We look forward to seeing what is yet to come in his work.   Deschanel earned Oscar nominations for The Right Stuff in 1984 The Natural in 1985 Fly Away Home in 1997 The Patriot in 2001 and The Passion of the Christ in 2005. His body of work includes such memorable films as The Black Stallion Being There The Spiderwick Chronicles and My Sister's Keeper. Deschanel has also earned an array of credits as a director of motion pictures and television programs.   Caleb is still on the cutting edge of his remarkable career says Richard Crudo ASC who chairs the organization's Awards Committee. He has shot and directed documentaries and many commercials in addition to wonderful narrative films. Every one of his endeavors has been an exercise in exploring a new frontier.   Deschanel blazed a non-traditional career path. He was born in Philadelphia. His family moved to Annapolis Maryland when he was 11 years old. Deschanel began experimenting with picture taking when he received a Brownie Hawkeye camera as a birthday gift that year. He was a photographer for the school newspaper and yearbook at Johns Hopkins University. During the summer following his freshman year Deschanel took still photographs for record album covers and catalogs.   His interest in motion pictures was sparked by a French New Wave film festival organized by one of his instructors at Johns Hopkins. Fellow students encouraged Deschanel to enroll in the film studies program at the University of Southern California in 1967. By then he was shooting 16mm educational films. After graduation Deschanel earned a fellowship at the American Film Institute.   He sought out mentors who weren't on the faculty including Haskell Wexler who encouraged him to experiment with shooting black-and-white film and Gordon Willis with whom he apprenticed for six weeks in New York. After graduation Deschanel was living in Venice California making a living shooting educational films. One of his neighbors Carroll Ballard was directing films for the same company.   Deschanel collaborated with Ballard on the production of The Black Stallion which was released to cinemas in 1979. Francis Ford Coppola was the executive producer. Deschanel took his first turn at the helm on a feature length film when he directed The Escape Artist a 1982 release produced by Coppola Fred Roos and Doug Claybourne.   One of the lessons I have learned is that the magic happens when a cinematographer develops and executes a visual style that compliments the director's vision for the story Deschanel says. I am learning every time I shoot a frame of film. When I'm not learning I will know it's time to quit. I didn't get involved in filmmaking just as entertainment. Movies can inspire us to be better human beings.   Filmmaking is a family affair. His wife Mary Jo Deschanel and daughters Emily and Zooey Deschanel are successful actresses.   ASC Awards ,1353
Cine Colombia to Install Barco Projection Systems in 20 Theatres,2009-11-13, Cine Colombia will supply 20 Barco DP-1500 digital projection systems to multiple theatre sites throughout Colombia. Each projector will be 2D/3D capable and each will be configured with Barco's ACS-2048 alternate content switcher. An exhibitor with more than 200 screens in operation across Colombia Cine Colombia is not new to the digital cinema domain — nor are they new to Barco. Throughout the remainder of 2009 the first new Barco deployments will be placed in Cine Colombia sites in the major population centers of Bogota Cali and Medellin. Starting in 2010 Cine Colombia will deploy additional Barco projection systems in the country's secondary markets of Cartagena Barranquilla Pereira Armenia and Manizales. “Our mandate is quality and excellence and Barco provides exactly what we are looking for ” says Munir Falah president and CEO of Cine Colombia. “Because of their product performance reliability and value we're advancing our partnership with Barco. We have worked with other manufacturers and we choose carefully. Barco's reputation of excellence is well-earned.” “We're honored to again be working closely with Colombia's largest exhibitor and helping them expand the magic of digital cinema throughout the world's third largest Spanish-speaking country ” says Scott Freidberg Barco's vice president of sales for digital cinema NA. “Cine Colombia has truly recognized both the success and the investments that Barco has created in Latin America and by their actions it's evident that they choose only the finest partners. Their theatres are in the best locations the equipment is superb their staff is excellent and each theatre provides customers with an unsurpassed environment in which to watch a movie.” ,1354
Carmike Opens Industry’s First Green Theatre,2009-11-13,Carmike Cinemas has opened its new all-digital movie theatre featuring DLP digital projection and QSC prime digital sound plus wall-to-wall screens including three auditoriums equipped with 3D capabilities. The unique facility is also registered with the U.S. Green Building Council and expects to be certified as the nation’s first stand-alone LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) theatre. The new entertainment complex located in Chattanooga Tennessee is equipped with stadium-style rocking chair seats with retractable cup holder armrests in 11 of its 12 auditoriums. The 12th auditorium is Carmike’s first-ever VIP screening room where 21-and-older patrons will be offered a selection of premium beers as well as choices from a gourmet menu or standard concessions fare. They will be served by wait-staff while enjoying first-run features and unique alternative content from the comfort of their stadium-style luxurious leather reclining seats with push-button controls. “We are delighted that Carmike has taken the lead in LEED-certified cinema construction with the opening of their impressive new facility. Our sincere hope is that this will encourage other business owners and developers to focus on how they can also build progressive new structures that are increasingly ‘green’ in nature ” says Jeff Pfitzer director of special projects for The RiverCity Company a private non-profit corporation focused on downtown development in Chattanooga and developer of the theatre. ‘Green’ features of Carmike’s Majestic 12 Cinemas include: Convenience to public transportation options Local recycled construction materials used throughout building process Energy efficiency and performance White membrane roof – reflecting solar energy LED and fluorescent fixtures with programmable controls and sensors Rainwater and condensation usage – in restrooms and landscape irrigation Indoor air quality enhanced with environmentally friendly adhesives sealants cleaning and maintenance products Carmike president and CEO David Passman says “Carmike is extremely excited about the opening of our new environmentally friendly 12-plex – combining state-of-the-art environmentally friendly building design with the most advanced digital and 3D exhibition technology. We realize environmental challenges and concerns facing our planet are becoming more critical with each passing day. For this reason we especially look forward to bringing the first-ever ‘green’ entertainment complex to the people of Chattanooga and the surrounding communities and we know they will also love the first-run Hollywood entertainment including 3D features and digital alternative content such as live sporting events opera and independents films.” Carmike Cinemas LEED ,1356
Deluxe Upgrades Intellectual Property Security Services,2009-11-13,Deluxe is now offering intellectual property security services powered by Vantos' Investigation Lifecycle Management system to media entertainment and gaming organizations worldwide. In today's digital world all it may take is one breach of security resulting in the loss of intellectual property which could cause catastrophic financial loss says Frank Artes vice president security Deluxe. Deluxe is addressing this issue head-on with our new security solution powered by Vantos V-Flex. We are honored to partner with Deluxe to offer the media entertainment and gaming industries with unparalleled insight and management of all aspects of their investigations and critical security operations says Tom Spadafore president and CEO Vantos. With Vantos V-Flex at the core Deluxe will enable studios to easily and quickly automate the tedious and time-consuming pre and post-production audits on all of the contributing vendors and businesses used during the course of film production. Deluxe Entertainment Services Group Vantos ,1358
Epic Pictures Group Acquires Junkyard Dog and Kill Speed,2009-11-13, Epic Pictures Group has acquired Junkyard Dog a psychological thriller from writer/director Kim Bass starring Vivica A. Fox and Brad Dourif and action film Kill Speed starring Andrew Keegan Nick Carter and Tom Arnold. Epic has also picked up the domestic distribution rights for Kill Speed. We have found a great partner for these films on the international stage says Bass.  We're very excited to be working with Epic Pictures Group and look forward to making a big splash at AFM. Epic Pictures Group and Bass Entertainment Pictures premiered the films at the American Film Market earlier this month. Bass Entertainment Pictures produced Junkyard Dog in conjunction with Dennis Ho of Digital Jungle Pictures and In The Light Entertainment which is headed by Deanna Shapiro.  Junkyard Dog is Digital Jungle Pictures' first foray into theatrical film production. ,1360
iO Film Upgrades Color Management Services for Astro Boy,2009-11-13,iO Film completed a wide range of services and deliveries for the Summit Entertainment release of Imagi Studios’ Astro Boy. The look that Astro Boy’s producers desired necessitated a profound change to the current color management process.  iO relied upon Digital Vision’s Film Master and their own in-house custom system to solve the problem. Based upon a globally recognized and well-loved superhero created in the 1950s Astro Boy the film was directed by David Bowers (Flushed Away) produced by Maryann Garger and features performances from a who’s who cast including Freddie Highmore Kristen Bell Nathan Lane Charlize Theron and Nicolas Cage as Dr. Tenma.   The animated feature was in production for the past two years during which time the color palette that resonated for the creative team became the bedrock for the look of the film.  That look had been built in 16 bit Tiff REC 709 color space; previously unavailable as a standard of the post-production process.  Even though other pieces of the post pipeline (monitors and digital cinema packaging specifically) operate in lower bit rates the producers wanted to make certain that the look of the film was absolutely true to the 16 bit files with that look maintained through every deliverable.  Those deliverables included high definition DI and digital cinema packaging.   After substantial research it became apparent that iO was the only facility that was ready to deliver the movie exactly as the producers desired.  It was imperative that each deliverable matched the animation files exactly. Kevin Mulligan CTO of iO Film noted that the Digital Vision Film Master was a mission-critical piece of the pipeline he developed.  Since no other facility was working in 16 bit Mulligan and the product team from Digital Vision dug in and made sure that the project stayed in 16 bit throughout the color grading process.   The custom LUTs and other color management tools were imported into the Film Master.  Mulligan says “Without the power and the flexibility of the Nucoda platform I know that this process would have been at risk.  But because of the system and the calibre of support the process was completely manageable and ultimately completely successful.  We could not fail at this and Film Master made sure of our success.” Erin Corbett president of Imagi Studios U.S. says “We were dedicated to maintaining the vision of the director and the entire artistic team and it was imperative that we attain the look that we were after. The process at iO and the workflow centered on the Film Master were flawless.  As a result we succeeded on every level in creating a great-looking movie.” Bruno Munger product manager at Digital Vision says “We have built our reputation on our ability to develop color management tools that keep our customers and their customers completely satisfied.  Astro Boy helped us to push the boundaries out a little further and explore the realm of 16 bit color in DI and DCP delivery.”   ,1363
Mersive is Chosen for Swedish Planetarium ,2009-11-13, Sweden’s University of Umeå has installed Mersive SOL software in its Umevatoriet Center planetarium to accomplish the edge-blending image warping and auto alignment of multiple projectors on the dome screen to provide a crisp and compelling immersive visual experience. “Mersive SOL software enables automatic alignment of projectors which significantly reduces installation time and increases the stability of the display ” says Randall Stevens CEO at Mersive.  “Calibration which has traditionally taken hours and even days to achieve has been reduced to a few minutes so installation and maintenance costs are greatly reduced.” With the combined solution of Mersive SOL software projectiondesign projectors and integration services by Mersive distributor Antycip Simulation the science center delivers an immersive full-dome planetarium show that accommodates 27 people in two rows of seats under a 5 meter diameter hard curved dome screen. “We are very enthusiastic to have enabled a quantum leap in audience interaction and engagement ” says Tommy Jonsson project manager at Umevatoriet. “Moreover management is confident our center’s profile will rise even further as a result. Bravo to Mersive SOL projectiondesign and Uniview for a beautiful collaboration and to Antycip Simulation for bringing it all together.”   Mersive Umevatoriet ,1364
Independent Movie Splinterheads Released,2009-11-13,The independent feature film Splinterheads produced by Atlantic Pictures in association with Offhollywood Pictures played in a New York theatre earlier this month and will be distributed by Paladin and Atlantic. Written and directed by Brant Sersen Splinterheads is a coming-of-age comedy starring newcomer Thomas Middleditch and Rachael Taylor (Transformers) as well as Lea Thompson (Back to the Future) and Christopher McDonald (Happy Gilmore). Offhollywood Pictures the content development and production arm of Offhollywood partnered with the producers to supply Red One cameras and technical support as well as post-production and DCP authoring services for the feature. Producer Darren Goldberg says The Red One camera was an amazing tool for us. Working with a digital format gave us the ability to let our actors improvise without worrying that we were blowing through our budget and gave us a lot of latitude during post-production. The Red One's image quality is unsurpassed by any other HD camera. People are constantly amazed to hear that we didn't shoot Splinterheads on 35mm. In addition to being recognized as a funny charming and energetic film Splinterheads has been praised by early reviewers for having a polished look and a 'shine' unusual in low-budget independent films says Offhollywood CTO/co-founder Mark L. Pederson. We're extremely proud that our Red support and post-production services helped to give Splinterheads a high-end visual quality worthy of theatrical release. The distribution climate for independent films is difficult these days and it's exciting to see this engaging underdog film — both in terms of plot and production budget — get out to screens across the U. S. Offhollywood ,1365
Prime Focus Launches 2D-to-3D Conversion Process View-D,2009-11-13,Prime Focus has introduced View-D which it says is a proprietary 2D-to-3D conversion process that allows filmmakers to create stereoscopic 3D movies from source material shot on virtually any medium. 3D moviemaking has proven to be more than a passing trend – it's rejuvenating international box offices and giving filmmakers a new storytelling technique that enriches the movie-going experience says Michael Fink CEO Prime Focus VFX. Prime Focus is a visual effects facility so we've been calculating 3D space from 2D images for years and developed the technology behind View-D after having worked on several stereo 3D shows. With View-D we're offering the industry an exciting new production method to convert both library titles and new releases to terrific stereoscopic quality in considerably less time than other methods. View-D was developed under the guidance of Chris Bond president and senior visual effects supervisor of Prime Focus VFX. We're very excited to be offering View-D to the industry says Bond. With View-D it's about giving filmmakers the gift of time because our approach allows the possibility of interactive creative sessions with our stereographers similar to a DI session. Filmmakers can also now shoot a movie with a single camera on film without having to be locked into digital cameras and potentially complicated stereoscopic camera rigs. View-D critically shortens the length of time of conversion such that conversions can now be fit into the post-production schedule. Prime Focus ,1366
Projectiondesign Changes Ownership,2009-11-13,Norwegian high performance projector manufacturer projectiondesign is capitalizing on the growing global demand for high-quality products as well as partner support with the announcement of a change in ownership to include Norwegian private equity firm Herkules Capital AS. The move follows the purchase of a 54 percent share in projectiondesign from previous main shareholder Eker Group AS headed by top Norwegian Industrial Designer Bård Eker. Projectiondesign has emerged as an industry leader in the creation development design and manufacture of high-quality projectors for specialist professional industrial and private sector applications. The company currently has 135 employees including in-house product testing research & development in electronic optical and mechanical system design and has shown strong growth since being established in 2001.
Projectiondesign is an exciting growth company and is an attractive opportunity for Herkules. We have been familiar with the company for some time now and believe that there are good opportunities for organic growth in all parts of the world says partner of Herkules Capital Tore Rynning-Nielsen. Projectiondesign's technical expertise is world class the goal now is to expand the application areas and products and really focus on supporting and expanding their customer base. Jørn Eriksen president & CEO at projectiondesign says We are proud to announce this change in ownership which will fuel the acceleration of our already enviable business performance. We intend on staying sharply focused on executing the release of some of the world's most exciting market-specific display products that will continue to delight our current and new customers and partners internationally. projectiondesign ,1367
QSC Audio Introduces Speaker System for Dome and Large Format Cinemas,2009-11-13,QSC Audio has announced the purpose-designed DCS SC-424-8F flyable four-way tri-amplified speaker system for Dome and Large Format cinemas that require suspended mounting of screen channels or point source surround channels.   Both the Mid/High and LF enclosures are built with common dimensions to facilitate easy installation in vertical or horizontal arrays and are constructed of heavily braced 15mm concert tour-grade plywood.  In addition 16 M10 attachment points-per-enclosure are provided for safe and easy suspension. The DCS SC-424-8F also features a unique coax HF/VHF diaphragm which has less mass than traditional diaphragms resulting in exceptional dynamic range extended high frequency response and lower distortion. Francois Godfrey QSC director of sales cinema says “This system has been developed specifically for the unique requirements of Multi-Purpose Large Format and Dome motion picture playback.  The two main units comprise the MHV-1090F mid-high / very-high-frequency system and the LF-4215-8F low-frequency system aimed purposely at applications where a point-source surround channel or screen channel must be suspended or flown rather than mounted on a platform or floor. ” The MHV-1090F mid-high / very-high-frequency system features a high output horn loaded 10-inch midrange cone driver and a coaxial neodymium high-frequency / very high-frequency compression driver. The MHV-1090F includes a driver protection network and a passive crossover for tri-amp operation.  A high power 10-inch cone driver allows operation as low as 250 Hz and up to 1800 Hz to ensure that most of the dialogue range is reproduced by a single element for unmatched intelligibility. The coaxial neodymium high-frequency / very-high-frequency compression driver provides a dramatic improvement in dynamic response clarity and transparency while the annular diaphragms eliminate the break up of conventional dome drivers that cause a harsh metallic sound. The LF-4215-8F dual 15 (381 mm) low-frequency enclosure is designed for safe and easy suspension via M10 fly points.  The heavily braced tour grade construction cabinet provides great strength while keeping weight to a minimum. QSC Audio ,1368
Raleigh Studios Budapest Scheduled to Open in April 2010,2009-11-13,Raleigh Studios has broken ground on a new state of the art studio facility in Budapest. Raleigh Studios Budapest is well under construction and will open its doors in April 2010. The facility is less than 20 minutes from all major hotels and downtown Budapest making it the closest studio facility to the heart of Hungary. The studio boasts nine sound stages including a 45 000 square foot super stage that is 65 feet to the grid. There is full transportation set and location lighting and grip with Hollywood Rentals line producing with Raleigh Film as well as a post-production facility and digital film laboratory. All stages offices and support structures are built from the ground up and engineered to Hollywood standards. Incorporated into the studio’s design is a 15-acre back lot for outdoor set builds. A full production training school will also be on lot to help maintain Hungary’s existing talent pool while creating a new generation of film crews. Raleigh Studios Budapest will provide the same service as Raleigh’s other facilities in the United States Because of its central location in Europe from which most major European cities are reachable within three hours by plane Raleigh Studios Budapest can serve as a central hub for production throughout Europe while offering comparable crews and services at more economical rates than most other European countries. “We are very excited to be opening in Budapest ” says Michael Moore president of Raleigh Studios. “There has already been considerable interest from our clients and we’re confident this will be one of the finest studio operations in Europe” Raleigh also offers administration services for film incentives and tax rebates available in Hungary. Hungary currently offers a 20 percent production incentive to qualified productions and can go as high as 25 percent in some cases. A Value Added Tax is also totally reclaimable. Raleigh ,1369
B-Side Acquires the Documentary Still Bill,2009-11-13,B-Side has acquired Still Bill a recent best documentary winner and audience favorite at one of B-Side’s festival partners the Urbanworld Film Festival. Still Bill is an intimate portrait of soul legend Bill Withers best known for his classics Ain't No Sunshine Lean On Me Lovely Day Grandma's Hands and Just the Two of Us among many more. Filmmakers Damani Baker and Alex Vlack follow Withers and offer a unique and rare look inside the world of this fascinating man who has written some of the most beloved songs in our time. Still Bill will be released via the B-Side’s signature Theatrical-on-Demand program where individuals and organizations can host a screening of any size in any location at any time. The Still Bill website will allow audiences to sign up to host their own screening of the film. The first 50 hosts to sign-up will also receive an exclusive signed Bill Withers Still Bill poster. As long-time Bill Withers fans we were honored that he let us into his life and shared the story of his ascent to Grammy-winning artist with us say filmmakers Damani Baker and Alex Vlack. Now seven years later we look forward to working with B-Side to impart that story to other fans who like us wondered what became of the talented man behind so many classic American songs. ,1370
Cinemark Imax Suing Each Other,2009-11-14,The trade publication LF Examiner has reported that Cinemark USA and the Imax Corporation have filed lawsuits against each other. The dispute centers on Cinemark's premium XD digital theatres. Cinemark the third largest theatre chain in the U.S. filed a suit on November 4th seeking to invalidate two patents Imax holds on the conversion of cinema theatre to a super cinema theatre. Imax countered with a suit filed November 13th that alleges fraud breach of contract misappropriation of trade secrets and tortious interference and seeks an injunction to prevent Cinemark from producing using and selling its XD system. As the LF Examiner has reported previously Cinemark's XD theatres have powerful 3D digital projectors large screens and custom sound systems elements that are cited in two Imax patents. Cinemark's complaint asserts that the patents are invalid because they do not meet the standards for patentability. The chain currently operates ten XD screens with immediate plans for four more by the end of the year and a stated intention of opening 100 more over the next few years. Cinemark also has six Imax theatres all 15/70 film-based. Imax's suit does not allege patent infringement but calls Cinemark an inveterate tortfeasor and a faithless contract party and claims that the exhibitor used its relationship with Imax to create an unauthorized reproduction of the trademarked Imax Experience. It also alleges that Cinemark approached Hollywood studios to promote its XD theatres referring disparagingly to Imax as among other things the 'middleman' that need to be 'eliminated.' For more information on one of Imax's theatre patents see the November 2008 article in the LF Examiner What is Immersive? The November 2009 issue of the LF Examiner will have a full report on the cases. ,1373
Band Pro Hosts 25th Anniversary One World on HD

,2009-11-20, This December Band Pro Film and Digital opens its doors to celebrate its 25th anniversary with a must-see One World on HD open house and new digital seminar series.
 The events start on December 15th with a free Sony F35 camera training session geared specifically for DITs. Sponsored in conjunction with the Santa Fe Digital Cinematography Workshops the all-day in-depth seminar will be led by Band Pro’s CineAlta expert Jeff Cree.
 On December 16th Band Pro will host a panel and presentation on the state of 3D production as well as display equipment from some of the most innovative camera software and hardware manufacturers in the industry.
 On December 17th Band Pro holds its One World on HD ‘09 open house to showcase the newest HD technology in an informal setting that allows professionals to get hands-on experience with the latest groundbreaking gear while conversing with colleagues and industry decision-makers.
 Doors to One World on HD ’09 open from 1:00 pm to 8:00 pm. A buffet and beverages will be served. The event is located at Band Pro Film & Digital Inc. 3403 West Pacific Avenue Burbank California. To RSVP for any or all events and for more information please visit: ,1390
Beloved Pictures Acquires C.S. Lewis’s The Great Divorce,2009-11-20, Beloved Pictures has secured the film rights to C.S. Lewis’s The Great Divorce. Lewis the world-renowned Oxford/Cambridge scholar and best-selling author of works such as The Chronicles of Narnia and The Screwtape Letters is regarded as one of the most profound writers of the twentieth century. The first two installments of seven in the Chronicles of Narnia film franchise (The Lion The Witch & The Wardrobe and Prince Caspian) produced by Disney & Walden Media have grossed $1.16 billion to date.  Lewis was also the subject of the Academy Award-nominated BAFTA-winning biopic Shadowlands starring Anthony Hopkins and Debra Winger. An adventure-laden tale in the vein of Lord of the Rings and The Lion The Witch and The Wardrobe The Great Divorce chronicles one man's harrowing journey from the post-apocalyptic wasteland of Grey Town to the outskirts of heaven.   
Beloved has attached David L. Cunningham who helmed To End All Wars (Twentieth Century Fox) The Path to 9/11 (ABC) and Seeker: The Dark is Rising (Twentieth Century Fox/Walden Media) to direct.  Michael Ludlum Caleb Applegate and Robert Abramoff are all attached to produce.  Bob Beltz special advisor to The Chronicles of Narnia:  The Lion The Witch and the Wardrobe Prince Caspian and the Academy Award-winning Ray is attached as an executive producer.  “We are tremendously excited to bring one of Lewis’s most profound stories to the screen and we have assembled an exceptionally strong team to achieve that end ” says Beloved CEO Michael Ludlum.  “We believe that this story much like The Chronicles of Narnia will resonate with a global audience.”   Beloved Pictures ,1391
Britain’s Channel 4 Holds a 3D Week of Programming,2009-11-20,A wide range of 3D content was available with stereoscopic depth in homes across Great Britain last month when Channel 4 held its first 3D Week. Steen Iversen CEO of Sirius 3D ApS whose glasses were used in the event said   “And if Flesh for Frankenstein’became too much for you in 3D you could simply take off the ColorCodeViewer 3D glasses and experience it in normal 2D.” According to Iversen even if spectators were not wearing the glasses they were still able to view a coherent watchable 2D image with minimal artefacts. “Our 3D glasses have amber and blue filters built into them: amber for color information blue for depth ” Iverson said. “Additionally for the Channel 4 event we developed our technology further implementing a special broadcast processing so that anyone watching 3D Week while wearing the glasses would get a noticeable 3D effect – not just those on a high-quality digital connection but also those on an analog connection on a lower-bandwidth SD connection or using a digital receiver connected with an antenna cable S-video or composite rather than HDMI. Furthermore we have developed a live 3D transmission system with ColorCode 3-D encoding in real-time so that Channel 4 could incorporate live broadcasts into the 3D Week schedule.” During the 3D Week Channel 4 screened a variety of 3D shows shot and post produced by Can Communicate. The highlights included never-before-seen footage of Queen Elizabeth’s coronation in 1953 which was shot in 3D stereo and has been restored by Can Communicate with support from Sirius 3D.  There was also a 3D Magic Show presented by Derren Brown and also a number of classic 3D movies and TV experiments from the past four decades which like the coronation footage had been specially converted by Can Communicate. “Once you have acquired content stereographically using two cameras you can make a 3D commercial in almost any format ” said Iversen. “With 3D Week on Channel 4 we aimed to demonstrate to the broadcast industry not only that spectators can have a hugely enjoyable experience regardless of their home equipment setup but also that the 3D content creation workflow is nothing to be afraid of. On the contrary it is established controllable flexible and ready to go right here right now. And you no longer have to worry about spectators getting offended by blurry double images” ColorCode 3D ,1393
Cinedigm Presents Larger Than Life in 3D,2009-11-20,Cinedigm Digital Cinema will present the Dave Matthews Band Ben Harper and Relentless7 and Gogol Bordello Larger Than Life ... in 3D on screens nationwide. The 3D movie will run for one week only from December 11-17. Action 3D and AEG Network Live produced the movie. Digital technology has dramatically transformed the cinema experience says Bud Mayo chairman and CEO of Cinedigm. The ability to see Dave Matthews in 3D on a big screen at your local theatre for far less than the cost of a concert ticket is an exciting option for music fans. This is the future of modern cinema: movies music sports... the options are limitless. The performances in Larger Than Life ... in 3D were filmed at critically acclaimed music festivals this summer including the Austin City Limits Music Festival in Texas the Mile High Music Festival in Colorado and at All Points West Music & Arts Festival in New Jersey. Cinedigm will also distribute 3D concert events including the Best of Lollapalooza and the Best of Austin City Limits in the first and second quarters of 2010. The specific theatres showing Larger Than Life ... in 3D as well as future 3D concerts will be announced closer to each show's opening date. Cinedigm ,1394
Cooke Optics and /i Technology Work on System to Cut Production Time,2009-11-20,Cooke Optics is working with The Foundry to incorporate /i Technology into its compositing application Nuke. The goal is to save hours of time in post-production by eliminating the need to guess lens parameters and camera information. The Foundry recently carried out a test shoot at Blenheim Palace using the new Sony F35 camera which supports /i. “We wanted to test how the /i data would help us to solve issues of lens distortion when shooting with a zoom lens ” says Ben Minall demo and training manager The Foundry.  “We shot lens distortion grids with different focal lengths and the /i data gave us an accurate focal length. We then used a lens tool to un-distort the plate then used the camera tracker within Nuke to reapply this to the footage. Having the /i data makes the tracking process much simpler particularly since lens distortion changes with the zoom.” Minall says “Having /i data is an excellent sanity check – you know exactly what you’ve got from frame rates to focus to aperture. You don’t have to rely on on-set notes the metadata provides a failsafe backup.” The Foundry introduced the concept of metadata support into Nuke 5.2 because it realized that metadata was becoming a major asset to post production teams. The forthcoming Nuke 6 release will have an in-built 3D camera tracker to which the user can provide additional hints and constraints about the shoot to recreate the camera – for example which lens was used. Incorporating Cooke’s /i Technology to capture lens metadata is a huge step forward in The Foundry’s aims to provide more accurate information for post work. “The buzz about Cooke lenses is phenomenal they have a great reputation so it’s a great fit for us to work with them ” says Richard Shackleton Nuke product manager The Foundry. “Cooke is one of the first manufacturers to really embrace metadata and understand its power.  A lot of time is spent in the post process getting information from pictures in order to do a better job but often that information might be very basic or even guesswork. Cooke /i lenses provide real and accurate data which is invaluable.” Les Zellan chairman and owner Cooke Optics says “The use and support of metadata is becoming increasingly prevalent in post circles. As budgets and timeframes continue to shrink providing post teams with metadata from /i enabled lenses saves time and money while allowing them to focus on their creativity.” ,1395
Hollywood Theatres to Install Sony 4K Digital Cinema Systems,2009-11-20,Hollywood Theaters is installing Sony Electronics' 4K digital cinema technology across its circuit. The Portland Oregon-based exhibitor will begin its digital conversion by equipping 13 of its U.S. locations (167 screens) with Sony projectors over the next few months. The 4K roll out will also include 53 screens outfitted for 3D digital projection combining Sony's single-projector 3D lens system with RealD 3D technology enabling the exhibitor to deliver the highest-quality 2D and 3D digital projection. Sony's Digital Cinema Solutions and Services group will work with Hollywood Theaters on the integration installation maintenance and service support for its 4K conversion. Sony's 4K technology gives our patrons the opportunity to view motion pictures as never before combining the highest levels of resolution contrast and image quality to produce precise life-like images in vibrant colors says Hollywood Theaters chief operating officer Clyde Cornell. We are also excited to be a part of Sony's DCSS alternative content program and plan to fully exploit their broad range of media and entertainment divisions such as sports music and gaming to bring fresh innovative entertainment options to the big screen and create new streams of ancillary revenues for Hollywood Theaters. Our 4K technology gives Hollywood Theaters the most reliable and flexible foundation for ultimately converting its entire operations to digital projection technology says Sony Electronics' Digital Cinema Solutions and Services group senior vice president Mike Fidler. It elevates the cinematic experience for their consumers offering movie-goers a much more dynamic engaging and immersive entertainment experience. The opportunity for alternative content not only presents potential new business; it also allows them to provide exciting additional programming that perfectly complements their current offerings. ,1398
Kitzinger Wins Best Director Award at La Femme Film Festival,2009-11-20,Hope for a Thorn a microbudget digital feature film written and directed by Erin Kitzinger won the Best Director prize following its world premiere at LA Femme Film Festival in October. “We’re thrilled to be premiering at a festival that showcases women filmmakers ” says Kitzinger. “After close to five years working on my first feature film I couldn’t wait to share it with an audience.” The film was produced through the University of Central Florida’s new Entrepreneurial Digital Cinema MFA program a unique graduate program that requires its students to finance and produce marketable films on a shoestring budget. Kitzinger and producer Jay Delaney took the challenge seriously. The production kept costs to a minimum furnishing the sets with garage sale finds and theatre department loans casting non-union local actors and relying heavily on student volunteers and the generosity of Central Florida businesses and organizations. The 74-minute film was shot in 21 days in the Orlando area for less than $30 000. “With self distribution and hybrid distribution models becoming much more viable routes for filmmakers we really wanted to keep our breakeven point low to give us the greatest freedom possible in getting this film out to audiences ” says Delaney. Hope for a Thorn tells the story of a wounded grandmother who finds her redemption by helping her granddaughter overcome the cycle of neglect that’s plagued the family for generations. Fighting loss loneliness and madness Victoria and Sophie must rely on each other to find hope for the future. Kitzinger embraced the limitations imposed by the small budget and used the opportunity to focus on character. The resulting film is a highly personal story that features women as the lead characters in tragic and deeply flawed roles in a story about family and second chances. Production company Lasso the Moon Productions co-owned by Kitzinger and producer Jay Delaney plan to make more films following the Hope for a Thorn model. The mission of the LA Femme Film Festival now in its fifth year is to screen films made by women for a world audience and to support and nurture the careers of women in the entertainment industry. Hope for a Thorn LA Femme Film Festival ,1399
Hollywood Post Alliance Award Winners Announced,2009-11-20,During a gala evening at the Skirball Center in Los Angeles The Hollywood Post Alliance presented its Fourth Annual HPA Awards.  The HPA Awards honor top behind-the-scenes talent working in motion pictures television and commercials as well as handing out special awards for Engineering Excellence Lifetime Achievement and the Charles S. Swartz Award.  The special awards were announced earlier. The winners of the 2009 Hollywood Post Alliance Awards are: Outstanding Color Grading Feature Film in a DI Process Julie & Julia                                 Steven J. Scott // EFilm Outstanding Color Grading - Television Yankee Stadium Tribute - Yogi's Bronx                 Siggy Ferstl // Company 3 Outstanding Color Grading - Commercial   Pepsi Pass                                 Stefan Sonnenfeld // Company 3 Outstanding Editing – Feature Film Slumdog Millionaire                             Chris Dickens A.C.E. Outstanding Editing- Television Breaking Bad – ABQ                         Lynne Willingham A.C.E. // Sony Pictures Entertainment Outstanding Editing- Commercial Jaguar XF/XK                                 Neil Gust // Outside Editorial Outstanding Audio Post- Feature Film Watchmen                             Chris Jenkins Frank A. Montano Scott Hecker and Eric Norris // Universal Studios Sound Outstanding Audio Post- Television Fringe - Unleashed                              Thomas Harris Michael Ferdie Chris Reeves Mark Fleming and Tom Dahl // Walt Disney Studio Post Production Services Outstanding Audio Post- Commercial Honda Civic Grooves Nathan Dubin // Margarita Mix Santa Monica Outstanding Compositing – Feature Film Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen                  Nelson Sepulveda Ben O’Brien Matthew Brumit and Robert Hoffmeister // Industrial Light & Magic Outstanding Compositing – Television Krupp – Eine Deutsche Familie                 Thomas Tannenberger Olcun Tan Shane Cook and Josiah Howison // Gradient Effects Outstanding Compositing - Commercial Toyota Ninja Kittens         Colin Renshaw // Animal Logic SPECIAL AWARDS The Charles S. Swartz Award for Outstanding Contribution in the Field of Post Production: Ben Burtt     The Hollywood Post Alliance Lifetime Achievement Award Paul Haggar Engineering Excellence Award DVS Digital Video Systems Signiant S. two Corporation The HPA Awards was presented with support from Gold Sponsor: Autodesk; Silver Sponsors: Deluxe Panasonic and Thomson Grass Valley; and Bronze Sponsors: Avid Technology Cine-tal da Vinci Digital Vision Quantel Sony and Texas Instruments DLP Cinema.