NEC Integrates LightSpace Color Management in its Professional Displays

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Wed, 11/05/2014 - 13:58 -- Nick Dager

NEC now integrates LightSpace color management support into its range of MultiSync PA Series displays to enable accurate color calibration and management within the global film, TV and broadcast industries.

Art Marshall, NEC’s product manager for professional desktop displays, said adoption of LightSpace CMS is more than just allowing users to perform a self-calibration differently. "Within our existing pre-press market our own SpectraView calibration system produces excellent results. However, within the film, TV and broadcast markets display calibration is managed differently, and LightSpace CMS is the de facto standard, making it the obvious choice for NEC to enable for advanced color calibration and management."

The high-end NEC displays feature custom calibration 3D LUT import capabilities that can directly upload calibration LUTs created via LightSpace CMS. This integration enables customers using the world-renowned LightSpace CMS calibration and LUT management system to very accurately profile and calibrate NEC displays to a very high level, as well as perform creative Look Management for situations such as on-set monitoring. This adds a whole new level of flexibility for NEC display users, allowing for custom user calibration, user created color spaces, and custom LUT manipulation.

The ability of LightSpace CMS to integrate with a wide range of popular calibration probes enables users to choose their own color management workflows, and level of calibration investment.

To help facilitate easy switching between different calibrations, color spaces, and looks, LightSpace CMS can directly upload LUTs into the attached NEC display, using a simple USB connection.

Steve Shaw, CEO of Light Illusion said, "The ability for users to self-calibrate as and when needed, as well as directly upload creative looks greatly extends the appeal of NEC displays within the film, TV and broadcast industries, and we are delighted that NEC saw the potential for LightSpace CMS integration, based on its position as the leading calibration solution within the world of the moving image."

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