NEC Extends Financing Incentives for Digital Cinema through March

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Wed, 01/13/2010 - 19:00 -- Nick Dager

NEC has extended till March 31 the availability of financing incentives for theater owners looking to upgrade cinema projector capabilities to digital. With the increased number of 3D movies scheduled to be released over the next few months now’s the time for theater owners to improve their technology and benefit from the increased box office revenue associated with 3D movies says Jim Reisteter general manager digital cinema division NEC Display Solutions. We’re excited to offer special financing programs to help theater owners obtain advanced digital projector technology for 3D that has the potential to pay for itself within 12 to 18 months.

 We’re thrilled to provide offers that allow theatre owners to take advantage of NEC’s innovative projector technology says Herschel Salan vice president and general manager NEC Financial Services. Theatre owners have a unique opportunity to affordably improve their digital cinema projector technology and subsequently reap the benefits of increased revenue due to 3D movies. During these difficult economic times we want as many theatres as possible to experience the value that NEC has to offer.”
 NEC Financial Services ,1490
Panasonic Unveils Integrated 3D Camcorder,2010-01-14, Panasonic has unveiled what it says is the world’s first professional fully integrated full HD 3D camcorder. The company showed engineering samples of the camera at the Consumer Electronics Show earlier this month. Panasonic says it will begin taking orders in April and will ship cameras in the fall. In the new 3D camcorder the lenses camera head and a dual memory card recorder are integrated into a single body.  The camcorder also incorporates stereoscopic adjustment controls which Panasonic says makes it easier to use and operate. The twin-lens system adopted in the camcorder’s optical section allows the convergence point to be adjusted. Functions for automatically correcting horizontal and vertical displacement are also provided.  Conventional 3D camera systems require these adjustments to be made by means of a PC or an external video processor. Panasonic claims that its new camcorder however will automatically recalibrate without any need for external equipment allowing immediate 3D image capture. The company says its 3D camcorder will be offered at a much lower price than traditional 3D rigs. Panasonic also plans to offer a professional-quality 3D HD LCD monitor for field use as well as a professional HD digital AV mixer for live event production. When asked a company spokesman was unable to say what lenses the new camera will use. We'll have more information in April he said. The cameras will be made to order and are expected to cost $21 000 for the main unit. Panasonic Corporation ,1491
Prismatic Magic and Infitec Introduce 3D Laser Projection System,2010-01-14, Prismatic Magic has introduced Laser-3D which it says is the world's first 3D laser projection system. It comes on the eve of the 50th anniversary of the invention of the laser. Laser-3D is unique in that it fuses two of the most popular concepts in the public consciousness lasers and 3D into a single dazzling visualization medium says Christopher Volpe Ph.D. Prismatic Magic's president. And we believe that Laser-3D is an important step towards the holy grail of projection technology: free-floating holographic objects. Prismatic Magic's Laser-3D is an extension of 3D technology developed by Infitec GmbH the same 3D system used by Dolby 3D Digital Cinema. We designed Laser-3D around Infitec's 3D format because in comparison to other stereoscopic formats it clearly results in the most realistic 3D effect says Dr. Volpe. It also is the most versatile. Laser-3D works by generating left and right duplicate images that are slightly offset from one another. Each image is projected by its own dedicated red green and blue laser subsystem. The laser wavelengths of each subsystem are tuned 10-30 nanometers from one another in order to match the optical transmission of Infitec's reusable 3D glasses. By allowing each eye to see only one RGB image the 3D glasses create a stereoscopic parallax which is interpreted by the wearer as a full-color 3D laser image. Prismatic Magic's experience with laser projection and our experience in 3D complement one another in an ideal way to form a new and unique product says Helmut Jorke the founder and CEO of Infitec. Laser-3D is projected onto any lightly colored smooth surface. No special screen is required. The system is compact and portable allowing transport and projection indoors and outdoors. Eight complete 40-minute 3D programs are expected to be initially available with additional content created on an ongoing basis. Laser-3D systems are expected to be commercially available this year. ,1492
The Fleet Science Center gets a Makeover,2010-01-14, San Diego’s Reuben H. Fleet Science Center home to the world’s first IMAX dome theatre recently underwent a renovation that focused largely on its sound system. The Fleet Center often runs six different films per day requiring very different audio settings for each performance.   Program material varies widely from the Center’s primary focus on educational material to pure entertainment IMAX presentations such as The Rolling Stones - At The Max Chronos and Stomp Odyssey.  With the new design levels and other settings can now be programmed well ahead of time ensuring both smoother operations and spontaneous elements including announcements inserts and customized for walk in/walk out music via iTunes.   “QSC was the place to go because the products first of all sounded the best and they were the most responsive company as far as coming back and saying ‘yes we’ll build you what you want ’” says John Young A/V specialist for the Center.   Although there were significant cost efficiencies in the purchase Young says “Cost savings wasn’t the first thing on our list.  We wanted the best thing we could possibly get.  QSC Audio has rock solid gear.” The theatre features a 6.1 surround sound system designed by QSC plus ProTools HD 3 Accel playback. San Diego’s Michael Krewitsky of Pro Sound designed the system. He says “Another reason why QSC got it is because the company has really been focusing on the cinema speaker business - speakers for actual movie theatres.  And these are a specialized version of their cinema line.  This is theatre stuff that’s adapted especially for surround and IMAX.  QSC has been really pushing the envelope on this kind of new technology.” Barry Ferrell QSC’s senior director of cinema solutions says “QSC Audio has long been the mainstay in movie theatre power amplification because of our reputation for reliability and to some extent transparent sound.  But some of our more demanding customers have become increasingly unhappy with their older speaker systems because film producers have been raising the bar for what needs to be reproduced accurately in theatrical releases.  That pushed us not just to enter the theatre speaker market but to do so with a very high bar in mind.” QSC cinema sales director Francois Godfrey says another dimension of the dilemma his customers face is that “Industry observers point out that if theatre owners don’t exceed the level of quality people experience in their own home theatres it’s a recipe for declining theatre attendance.  Since there’s every reason to believe the audio challenges from the film community won’t get any easier we saw establishing a clear lead in accurate reproduction as a strategic necessity.” Ferrell adds “If you’re marketing to owners competing on exceptional theatre experiences there’s really no point offering prosaic ‘me too’ solutions.” Ferrell admits not every theatre owner now believes better than prosaic audio quality is a business necessity.  “But there’s substantial agreement among theatre industry analysts that it’s just a matter of time before the combined hammer of slimming margins and attendance declines force a change ” he says. “Several people who have heard this newest IMAX have stated it’s easily the best sounding IMAX theatre in the world ” says Krewitsky.   QSC Audio ,1493
Warner Bros. Announces Digital Cinema Agreements in Asia,2010-01-14,Warner Bros. Pictures International has entered into digital cinema deployment agreements directly with several key cinema circuits to advance the conversion to digital cinema throughout Asia including: Golden Harvest Cinemas Hong Kong and Vie Show Cinemas Taiwan of Orange Sky Golden Harvest Group; Multiplex Cinema one of Hong Kong’s leading cinema circuits; and The Grand the territory’s largest cineplex. The Studio will make financial contributions towards their recoupment. The announcement was made jointly today by Veronika Kwan-Rubinek WBPI’s president distribution; Fiona Chow executive director and CEO of Orange Sky Golden Harvest Group; Simon Tan general manager of Vie Show Cinemas Taiwan; Grace Wong group general manager Kadokawa Intercontinental Group Holdings Limited; and Raymond Chan director of The Grand and director property development of the Shaw Group. “We are excited to partner with Orange Sky Golden Harvest Group Vie Show MCL and The Grand who share our commitment to innovation ” says Kwan-Rubinek. “We are thrilled that our product will be on digital screens as they infuse the Asian marketplace.” “Digitalization is a very important part of our overall strategy to bring enhanced theatrical experience to our audience in the region. We are very delighted to have WBPI as the valuable partner for our digital rollout and look forward to working closely with the WBPI team in the region ” says Chow. “This is a very important milestone for our Group as well as exhibitors in Asia. We are very pleased to have WBPI’s support in our building a new digital platform that enables us to bring more variety of content and better quality of cinema experience to our customers in Taiwan ” says Tan. “MCL is committed to digital deployment and is pleased to have concluded this agreement directly with WBPI ” says Wong. “We have always been a leader in bringing quality exhibition to the cinemagoers of Hong Kong and this is a giant step in the direction of achieving the goal of providing on every screen the sound and image exactly envisioned by each film’s creator.” “As one of the newest and most successful cineplexes in Hong Kong we are thrilled to join hands with Warner Bros. Pictures International to support the development of digital cinema in Asia ” says Chan. ,1496
XDC Moves Forward in Digital Cinema,2010-01-14,XDC says it has taken a major step forward by reaching virtual print fee digital cinema deployment agreements with all six major US film studios for a total of 8 000 digital screens in 22 European countries. As only five percent of the European movie screens have already been digitalized digital cinema is expected to grow tremendously in the coming years thanks to the VPF system and a strong market demand for 3D movies and alternative content. XDC intends to deploy its 8 000 screens by 2015. The new EUR 15.3 million funding by Gimv SRIW and selected existing investors provides the company with the funds to finance its growth in the coming years. Founding partner EVS remains the most important investor with a 30.2 percent fully diluted stake (41.3 percent not diluted) while SRIW and Gimv become cornerstone investors with a 20.7 percent and 20.2 percent stake (fully diluted) respectively. Serge Plasch CEO of XDC says Securing new funding in this challenging financial climate shows the market potential of XDC's technology and services. We are very proud that a new investor such as Gimv shares the vision with SRIW and our founding shareholders. With this funding the company will be able to accelerate its network deployment and to expand its digital content services to the European cinema industry and beyond. Alain Keppens head buyouts and growth - Belgium at Gimv says Gimv is very pleased to further strengthen XDC's capital and become co-investor together with EVS. Our buyouts and growth and technology teams were able to tap on our knowledge from current and past investments in the entertainment and media sectors such as Barco Alfacam and Kinepolis Group. We believe that the combination of XDC's strong capital base its financing agreements with banks and its strong support and service offering should enable the company to capture a major part of this high-growth market. Moreover we are convinced that the company is well-positioned to reinforce its leadership in Europe. Olivier Vanderijst chairman of the executive committee of SRIW says XDC is today the European leader in its sector. Following our first investment in 2008 our additional commitment in this major financing reflects our mission to support Walloon companies in their international expansion. It is also another evidence of the SRIW involvement in new technologies. Eric Bauche executive committee advisor at SRIW says Last but not least XDC shall create new vacancies in Liege (Belgium) and across Europe for highly skilled people in the coming years. XDC ,1497
AMC to Acquire Most Kerasotes Theatres,2010-01-28,AMC Entertainment and Kerasotes Showplace Theatres have entered into a definitive agreement pursuant to which AMC will acquire substantially all of the assets of Kerasotes. Kerasotes owns 96 theatres and 973 screens in mid-sized suburban and metropolitan markets primarily in the Midwest. More than three quarters of the Kerasotes theatres feature stadium seating and almost 90 percent have been newly built since 1994. Following the consummation of the proposed transaction Tony and Dean Kerasotes will retain and operate their two new ICON concept theatres in Minneapolis Minnesota and Chicago Illinois; and one Showplace theatre in Secaucus New Jersey. Kerasotes is currently owned by the Kerasotes family and Providence Equity Partners. Combining Kerasotes' highly regarded assets and operations with our own is a natural way for us to continue re-defining the future of our industry says Gerry Lopez AMC CEO and president. With almost 200 years in the exhibition business between us our collective experiences and our complementary geographic footprints will allow us to maintain the reputation for excellence and leadership that is part of each company's culture. Our team has delivered a consistent high quality experience for customers and we have appreciated Providence's partnership over the last six years in helping Kerasotes grow into the sixth largest motion picture exhibition company in North America says Tony Kerasotes chief executive officer. We expect these theatres will be a strong addition to the AMC theatre circuit and look forward to successfully completing the transaction with AMC and to beginning our next chapter. Completion of the acquisition is subject to the satisfaction of customary closing conditions for transactions of this type including Department of Justice antitrust approval. AMC Entertainment Kerasotes Theatres and ,1503
ASC Names Nominees for Outstanding Achievement,2010-01-28,The finalists in the feature film category of the 24th Annual American Society of Cinematographers Outstanding Achievement Awards competition are Barry Ackroyd for The Hurt Locker Dion Beebe for Nine Christian Berger for The White Ribbon Mauro Fiore for Avatar and Robert Richardson for Inglorious Basterds. The winner will be announced during the ASC Awards celebration at the Hyatt Regency Century Plaza Hotel in Hollywood on February 27. It is a daunting challenge for our members to narrow a very competitive field down to five films that represent the most artful cinematography we have seen during the past year says ASC president Michael Goi. We believe these very different films have set the contemporary standard for compelling visual storytelling. Beebe previously won the ASC Award for Memoirs of a Geisha in 2006 and earned another nomination for Collateral. This is the ninth nomination for Richardson (Born on the Fourth of July JFK A Few Good Men Heaven & Earth The Horse Whisperer Snow Falling on Cedars The Aviator The Good Shepherd). All films eligible for the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences Oscar competition were candidates for the ASC Outstanding Achievement Award. Last year's ASC winner in the feature category - Anthony Dod Mantle for Slumdog Millionaire - went on to take home the Academy Award. Goi notes that art and craft of cinematography is a global language. Fiore was born in Italy Berger is Austrian Ackroyd is British Beebe was born in Australia and Richardson is a native of the United States. Our members conceived this annual competition to let our peers know that their colleagues believe they have set the contemporary standard for artful cinematography says ASC awards committee chairman Richard Crudo. It requires mastering a complex craft which enables them to help create a sense of time and place while evoking emotions that augment the intentions of everyone involved in the collaborative process. We hope that this celebration also inspires a broad appreciation of the art of cinematography and inspires the next generation to reach for the stars. The ASC ,1504
BSAT Labs Hires Indian VFX Facility Chennai,2010-01-28,The 2D to 3D conversion company BSAT Labs has hired Indian VFX facility Chennai. The move gives BSAT Labs access to more than 400 seats to do the majority of the labor-intensive work that is involved in the 3D conversion process. “The number of 3D box office hits in 2009 and many more 3D releases coming to theaters this year is proof that 3D is here to stay ” says Yusuf Broachwala president of BSAT Labs. “Several forums such as SMPTE CEA and BDA are doing a great job and working very hard to bring 3D to the home and pushing for Blu-Ray standardization. Once standardized we will see a great volume of conversion work for legacy titles and commercials.” “Our non proprietary method allows us to easily expand our staff as required by the project learning curves are short and compositors can become productive in a matter of days ” Broachwala says. BSAT Labs launched its 2D to 3D conversion last May and has since tested for several studios. BSAT Labs ,1506
Expectations Strong for 2010 Growth in Cinema Advertising ,2010-01-28, Based on analyst forecasts and the overall strength of movies the studios have scheduled to release during the New Year expectations for 2010 look to be positive: both ZenithOptimedia and Magna forecast that cinema will be one of the very few media categories to post gains for 2010.
 The Cinema Advertising Council’s most recent revenue report – independently tabulated by Miller Kaplan Arase & Co. – showed that total cinema advertising revenues of CAC members grew by 5.8 percent to $571 421 000 in 2008 as compared to a total of $539 946 000 in 2007. Since 2002 – the first year that cinema ad revenue was measured by the CAC – spending in this medium has increased for six consecutive years with an average of 21.5 percent per year.   CAC chairman and president Mike Chico says one contributing factor to the growth is that several new advertisers have tested cinema and had success and several other kinds of advertisers are returning after a hiatus. As an example he says “Automobiles are coming back which is good to see.” Some of the diverse brands and categories that contributed to cinema’s growth in 2009 according to reports from members were:  Allstate BMW Burger King Cadillac Canon Jeep JetBlue Airways Kmart Kraft Foods Levi’s NBC Old Navy Sherwin-Williams Showtime Starz Taco Bell Tanqueray Visa Volvo and Walgreens to name a few.  Many of these brands were using cinema in 2009 for the first time.   Chico credits last year’s record box office and attendance as well as a multi-year advertiser marketing effort as major factors attracting brands to theatres.
“With a record domestic box office gross of over $10.6 billion and admissions six percent higher than they were a year earlier 2009 was a great year for the movie business and advertisers have taken notice ” says Chico.  “CAC members have proven the power of this medium – one that grew at a higher percentage than most other sectors in 2007-08 – by bringing on clients in key categories some of which are new to cinema.  Meanwhile current clients have seen levels of recall engagement and ROI that on-screen advertising and in-lobby promotions can provide and more and more are including cinema alongside broadcast within their brands’ media plans.”  
  Highlights of the biggest domestic box office year in history based on data from Box Office Mojo and The National Association of Theatre Owners include: First year in history to surpass $10 billion in ticket sales
Total domestic box office increased ten percent from 2008
Domestic attendance was up six percent
Thirty different movies released in 2009 made more than $100 million each
Eight of the 12 months broke monthly box office records: January $1 billion February $769 million April $695 million May $1 billion June $1.1 billion October $692 million November $990 million and December $1.1 billion
All-time highest-grossing summer: $4.3 billion There’s a reason cinema advertising continues to do well Chico says. “Companies are proving the media with metrics. They’ve shown that there’s a very strong recall among people who see ads on the big screen. Audiences like pre-shows and pre-shows continue to improve. People depend on it rely on it and enjoy it.” Box Office Mojo Cinema Advertising Council National Association of Theatre Owners
D-Box Moves 50 000-Plus Moviegoers,2010-01-28,D-Box Technologies says that more than 50 000 moviegoers throughout North America “lived the action” and experienced motion-enhanced seats during one of nine major motion pictures released last year. Claude Mc Master D-Box president and CEO says “We are extremely proud of how well received our technology has been throughout North America. From moviegoers who return for each new movie released with D-Box to movie theatres and top Hollywood movie studios we are thrilled to finally be able to share D-Box’s experience with the world.” Thirteen movie theatres in the U.S. and Canada feature D-Box MFX seating. D-Box ,1509
Student Winners Promote Cinema Advertising,2010-01-28,Digital Cinema Media is to run a national ad campaign to promote cinema as an advertising medium using 60-second ads created by competition-winning students from the National Film and Television School. The campaign launched last month and runs through February on all DCM screens.  It promotes cinema as a unique experience you can’t replicate elsewhere and the power of cinema as an advertising medium. The ads are part of a long term plan to build stronger ties with the film industry while supporting the country’s emerging talent through the NFTS - the internationally recognized school whose alumni include Harry Potter director David Yates and Nick Park creator of Wallace and Gromit. The ad shows members of the public trying to recreate the cinema experience at home at work and while out and about.  It opens on a young boy trying unsuccessfully to set up a makeshift screen and projector in an attic before moving onto a young couple watching a drive-thru film before being thwarted by rain. Next up a young women attempts in vain to watch a movie while on a bus before a security guard stacks up several small television in a bid to recreate a large screen. All these efforts are doomed to fail and the ad ends with the young boy from the start of the ad sat awe struck in a cinema seat before a voiceover explains: “For the experience you just can’t replicate. Cinema. Why advertise anywhere else?” Final year students Kurban Kassam the producer Chris Moon the cinematographer and Yasmin Al-Naib the Director jointly won the competition that saw those entering briefed to devise a campaign based on the slogan Cinema – why advertise anywhere else. The second winning team will see their ad featuring Ray Winstone run later in the year. It is the first time that DCM has ever produced a cinema ad or cinema has ever used its own medium to promote itself. The on-screen campaign will be supported by an integrated marketing campaign. Says Martin Bowley managing director at DCM “DCM is proud to be supporting the long-term future of the film industry and being a concerted part of its continued growth. Giving students a leg-up in the commercial world is the very least we can do.” Nik Powell director at the NFTS says “Receiving support from DCM provides a much needed and hugely appreciated lift to the school and particularly to the students giving them a fantastic opportunity to create dramatic and innovative material that will be seen nationally.” The students won the fierce competition that saw over 50 scripts entered and reviewed by a panel made up of DCM National Film and Television School and production company Shaw which is headed up by Nigel Foster Richard Butler and Frank Lieberman.  From these entries 10 finalists were invited to pitch to a panel involving NFTS graduate Michael Caton Jones the celebrated director of films including Rob Roy and The Jackal and DCM where two final scripts and teams were selected. ,1510
Fuze Box Launches Fuze Movie ,2010-01-28,Fuze Box has launched Fuze Movie a real-time collaborative media review and approval system created specifically that uses Skype to help editors VFX artists and digital media designers faced with the challenges of collaborating with numerous remote and often widely distributed colleagues and clients.  According to the manufacturer Fuze Movie effectively eliminates the frustrations and inefficiencies of collaborating across distributed workgroups by creating a real time shared workflow environment for anyone with a computer and an Internet connection.  Fuze Movie is based on syncVUE which was acquired by Fuze Box in 2007.  Michael Buday who created syncVUE is now the company’s chief software designer and principal developer of Fuze Movie. “As an editor myself for over 20 years I understand the frustration and pure tedium of simply trying to get shots reviewed and approved while working with clients crews directors and colleagues who are spread out in multiple locations.  That’s why we created Fuze Movie ” says Buday. “Today the content creation industry has completely embraced the notion of distributed networked and even mobile collaboration.  Fuze Movie and its enhanced visual communications platform now gives them the ideal review and approval solution specifically tailored for content creation workflow requirements and optimized for the technology and applications on which digital media artists have already invested and rely heavily.” Since its creation Fuze Movie has been used extensively to streamline the review and approval process on a number of recent Hollywood blockbusters including Don Cheadle’s Traitor Terry Gilliam’s Imaginarium of Dr. Parnassus and by VFX industry icon John Farhat in the just-released post-apocalyptic thriller The Book of Eli. Fuze Movie is available immediately and is priced based on a quarterly subscription-licensing model.  Discounted introductory pricing starts at $229 for a two-seat three-month license and volume discounts (for quantity of seats and duration of licenses) apply.  Fuze Movie ,1513
Harry Potter Extends Stay in Boston,2010-01-28,The Museum of Science Boston has extended its East Coast premiere run of Harry Potter: The Exhibition until the end of February due to its popularity. The extended run will give New England fans their last chance to step inside the famous wizard's magical world before the exhibition moves to its next location the Ontario Science Center in Toronto Canada. The Museum of Science is the only New England location on the exhibit’s tour. In partnership with Warner Bros. Consumer Products Exhibitgroup/Giltspur created the 10 000-square-foot exhibition to offer fans a first-hand look at more than 200 authentic artifacts displayed in settings inspired by the film sets—including the Great Hall Hagrid's hut the Gryffindor common room—and more. Visitors to Harry Potter: The Exhibition includes the craftsmanship and artistry that went into creating the costumes and props for the beloved characters and iconic moments in the blockbuster film series. We're delighted to extend this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for New England Muggles to step inside Harry Potter's world. And for the many fans that have already sat in Hagrid's chair scored a Quidditch point for their house or marveled at seeing Buckbeak's feathers up close—now is their chance to relive this incredible experience with family and friends says Ioannis Miaoulis president and director of the Museum of Science. Harry Potter: The Exhibition is full of such remarkable artistry and detail new visitors will be inspired by the creativity that went into bringing a magical world to life and returning fans will enjoy catching elements that they may have missed the first time. “We are thrilled to respond to the demand of fans by offering an extended run of Harry Potter: The Exhibition at the Museum of Science in Boston ” says Karen McTier executive vice president domestic licensing and worldwide marketing Warner Bros. Consumer Products. “The success of the exhibition is a testament to support from fans of all ages and extending this magical experience is the perfect way to show our appreciation to the fans.”    “This exhibition has offered thousands of Harry Potter fans a fascinating new way to experience the films ” says Eddie Newquist president branded entertainment Exhibitgroup/Giltspur. “We’re thrilled to extend the exhibition’s run and it is our hope that every Harry Potter fan in the Boston area will have the opportunity to experience the magic before the exhibition leaves for Canada.” Exhibitgroup/Giltspur Museum of Science Boston ,1514
De Leon Shoots Ebb and Flow,2010-01-28, Filmmaker Marcus De Leon recently finished shooting Ebb and Flow a 90-minute documentary about heavy metal band Misery Signals and its 2009 worldwide concert tour. 
Inspired by 1970s era rock tour documentaries Ebb and Flow captures the struggles and triumphs of the up-and-coming band. Armed with only a GY-HM100 camcorder Sennheiser shotgun microphone MacBook Pro laptop tripod and a few small lights De Leon shot footage of the band’s tour throughout Europe Asia and North America. 
“This camcorder is perfect for shooting in the midst of chaos action and live performance ” says De Leon who is based in Los Angeles. “My goal was to let viewers experience the energy dynamism and violence of a hardcore metal show and this JVC camcorder allowed me to do that. I shot the band’s performances while being pushed and kicked in mosh pits knocked to the floor by stage divers and shoved by people drinking beer at rowdy parties.”
 Interviews with the five band members were shot using a tripod and lit with portable 60-watt clamp lights. For concert footage however De Leon often held the camcorder high overhead by its handle and with his other hand pointed a small rechargeable light and shotgun mic toward his subjects. Since he didn’t have any backup gear he was relieved that the camcorder always worked flawlessly despite being banged around and knocked to the floor by aggressive fans.  
“Because of its compact size I could shoot in very tight spaces like a concert in the hull of a ship on Paris’ Seine River or inside a van full of passengers. It was very unobtrusive when shooting in spontaneous social situations like backstage parties where a bigger camcorder might have inhibited people’s natural behavior ” De Leon says. “This type of action could never have been captured with a larger camera or a two-man crew or anything that required a bigger footprint to operate.”
 During production De Leon would find a place to set up an ad-hoc edit suite daily. He would transfer his recorded files from two 16 GB SDHC memory cards each holding almost an hour of 1080/24p footage to Final Cut Pro 6 on his MacBook. He also stored video files on three external LaCie hard drives. 
With shooting complete editing is underway at Pivotal Post in North Hollywood California. Deluxe New York will transfer the video to 35mm prints for film festival release. “I’m extremely pleased with the exceptional picture quality clarity and colors this camcorder captured ” De Leon says “especially considering the challenging logistics low light conditions and fast-paced shooting.” 
  JVC ,1516
Two Cinemas first to offer Digital 3D in Germany,2010-01-28,The Cineplex Marburg and the Cinedom Koeln multiplexes are the first German cinemas to offer their audiences large-scale digital 3D Cinema. In the run-up for the theatrical release of Avatar both cinemas installed Kinoton 3D2P systems each operating with two projectors. The first Dual 3D installation took place in the Cineplex theatre a modern seven- screen multiplex in the city of Marburg. A Dolby 3D server provides the projectors with content. Cineplex CEO Gerhard Closmann had already installed a Kinoton-Dolby 3D cinema system in another auditorium in time for the Ice Age 3 release. When asked why he had decided in favor of the Dolby 3D system he said “Because for me a silver screen was completely out of question especially with so large a screen. After all we’ll keep on exhibiting 2D movies as well both in digital and 35mm and I set a high value on uniform image illumination.” The Dolby 3D system works perfectly well with normal cinema screens and the dual version with two extra-bright D-Cinema projectors guarantees brilliant high-contrast 3D pictures even in an XL format.     Kinoton ,1517
OConnor Debuts New Cine-Style Follow-Focus System,2010-01-28,OConnor has introduced a completely modular cine-style follow-focus system. “For 60 years OConnor fluid heads and tripods have been valued tools for the art of movie making ” says Bob Carr president of Camera Dynamics a Vitec Group business unit “and we’re grateful for the industry’s ongoing support. The new accessory line continues the OConnor tradition of supporting the cinematographer’s art with industry-leading engineering and craftsmanship tailored to the rapidly-changing landscape of new cameras.”   To ensure these new precision tools meet OConnor’s high standards the company has chosen Jim Elias based in Europe to head the design team. A recognized name in professional camera accessory design Elias brings extensive experience as a camera assistant to the engineering process. Another film industry veteran Eric J. Johnston has been appointed product specialist. The first OConnor camera accessory is the modular cine-style follow-focus system. The compact and low profile unit enables quick tool-free mounting on standard rod systems. This new OConnor cine-style follow focus is compatible with all standard follow-focus accessories and driver gears. OConnor’s new follow focus integrates with all camera and lens systems in use.  The further products in the range will be announced as they are released. Carr says “Because the new follow focus is designed for modular versatility and compatibility with other systems the smartly priced system should be extremely popular with rental houses and users who own a number of different camera and lens combinations.” The OConnor cine-style follow focus will be available for preorder in March. Delivery is scheduled to begin in April. ,1518
SMPTE Names Barbara Lange Executive Director,2010-01-28, The Society of Motion Picture and Television Engineers has selected Barbara H. Lange as its new executive director. Lange who most recently served as staff director of product management and business development for the Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers the world's largest technical association officially began her new role last month.
 We are thrilled to have a professional of Barbara's standing and experience join the SMPTE team says Ken Fuller SMPTE president. Barbara's vision and proven effectiveness in creating new revenue- generation opportunities and growing membership will stand us in good stead as we execute our strategic plan for aggressive and successful growth - particularly as the applications and markets for motion-imaging technologies expand and proliferate.
 As SMPTE executive director Lange will be responsible for managing SMPTE business development operations and marketing activities; advancing the organization's charter as the global leader of technical standards and practices for the motion-imaging industry; increasing overall organization revenue and targeting new investment opportunities; and recruiting new members. Lange will report directly to the SMPTE Board of Governors through the SMPTE Executive Committee. 
At IEEE which has more than 385 000 members worldwide and annual revenues of $350 million Lange most recently was responsible for managing online subscription products with revenues in excess of $150 million including digital periodicals conference proceedings standards e-books education products and certification publications. 
 Lange also developed strategic partnerships with not-for-profit organizations and commercial research institutions to extend IEEE's visibility and reach including outreach into key markets such as China. Lange was the recipient of the 2002 Joyce E. Farrell IEEE Staff Award for outstanding service. 
 Previously Lange served in product and sales management positions at the German scientific publisher Springer-Verlag and at Sherex Chemical Company. She has also been an invited guest speaker at multiple high technology professional and academic meetings. Lange holds a Bachelor of Arts in Chemistry and German from Washington and Jefferson College in Washington Pennsylvania. ,1519
Vinten Turns 100,2010-01-28,Vinten a Vitec Group brand is celebrating its 100th anniversary as a manufacturer of camera support technology.    It was on January 1 1910 that William Vinten already widely known as an accomplished mechanical engineer took over a Wardour Street workshop in London and opened his own business – first repairing then designing and building cameras. That same month on January 7 1910 the new company received its first order for 25 Kinemacolor machines (high-speed film projectors for the Edison color system) at £28 each. When television first appeared on the scene Vinten naturally took an active interest. Before the advent of video recording the only way to archive content was on film often using a Vinten camera. By the early 1950s the new techniques of television production were being developed where cameras needed to move freely around the studio floor. While others tried to adapt film camera supports Vinten realized that a totally new type of system was needed. In 1956 the first hydropneumatic pedestal – a design that many said couldn’t be built – was delivered. “The type 419 pedestal was a remarkable achievement and the principles on which it was built are still in use in today’s Quattro pedestals ” says Roger Wilson managing director. “That encapsulates much of what is good about Vinten. We achieved something no other manufacturer could through bold innovation in design and very high quality high precision engineering and manufacture. Those Vinten values are as true today as they have been for the last 100 years. Most importantly they will remain the cornerstone of Vinten well into the future. We will of course be celebrating with all our staff and our customers during the course of the year but our main focus will be on continuing to apply our innovations to new products for 2010 and beyond.” ,1522
Arri CSC Adds Weisscam to Inventory,2010-02-13,Equipment rental house Arri CSC the largest full service equipment rental group in the United States has enhanced its range of digital cameras. Besides the Arriflex D-21 and the Phantom the camera rental department has now added the Weisscam HS-2 to its extensive inventory. Arri CSC is one of the first camera rental houses to carry the uncompressed digital high-speed camera capable of frame rates up to 4 000 fps in 720p. The Weisscam has been developed as a stand-alone (high-speed/specialty) camera aimed specifically at the needs of cinematographers. With cinema-style images an operator friendly workflow streaming via HD SDI and two formats (4:3 and 16:9) it is designed to offer the freedom of shooting either in HD or RAW mode. Arri CSC ,1527
B&B Theatres Signs with Cinedigm,2010-02-13,In a positive sign for independent exhibitors overall B&B Theatres a Missouri-based cinema chain has signed an agreement to deploy 205 digital projection systems as part of Cinedigm’s 10 000-screen Phase 2 digital cinema deployment program. B&B is the second National Association of Theatre Owners Cinema Buying Group member to work with Cinedigm using a newly completed form of contract developed for CBG members. The CBG represents more than 600 members that collectively have over 6 000 screens. B&B selected Cinedigm’s Exhibitor-Buyer financing plan which means the exhibitor will purchase its own equipment for 205 screens at 31 locations and Cinedigm will administer and manage the systems under its Virtual Print Fee agreements with all the major studios for up to a ten-year term. In Phase 2 Cinedigm has created an Exhibitor-Buyer financing option for exhibitors. When exhibitors participate they select and purchase Cinedigm-certified fully-networked digital cinema systems and Cinedigm manages the reporting billing and collection of VPFs from movie distributors receiving a fee for doing so. Cinedigm and the CBG have system supply and service arrangements with Barco Christie NEC and Sonic Equipment Company. B&B has selected Sonic Equipment Company based in Iola Kansas as the Service Provider for the duration of the Cinedigm agreement. Bob Bagby president of B&B Theatres says “As B&B celebrates its 86th year in business we’re thrilled to be transitioning to digital cinema. In our 86 year history we’ve seen many technological improvements including the transition from silent film to sound; black and white film to color; mono sound to surround sound; surround sound to digital sound; and slope seating to stadium seating. We are truly excited to usher in the next technological advance of digital cinema and are committed to converting our circuit over the next two years. The digital transitions will ensure that we will continue to bring the best quality movies to our audiences and enable us to develop a wider array of alternative content options. We’ve been using Preflix UniqueScreen Media a Cinedigm Company’s cinema advertising solution for 10 years and are excited about extending our relationship using the CBG Phase 2 contracts.” “B&B joins R/C Theatres as the second chain to contract with Cinedigm using the CBG Exhibitor-Buyer agreement. We’re excited to be moving forward with them and look forward to doing so with the many other CBG members in our pipeline ” says Bud Mayo chairman and CEO of Cinedigm. Chuck Goldwater president of Cinedigm’s Media Services Group says “Cinedigm is proud to expand our relationship with B&B beyond our Preflix advertising solution. B&B’s commitment to digital cinema and to bringing the best quality programming including alternative content options to their audiences is evident. Cinedigm is proud to be working with them to help fulfill this commitment and looks forward to working with the many other CBG members who are excited to move forward with our Phase 2 program.” B&B Theatres Cinedigm ,1528
Band Pro Debuts Range of 3D Production Equipment ,2010-02-13, One primary concern for today's stereographers is the size of the cameras. Bigger cameras require bigger 3D rigs and limit mobility. When a handheld or Steadicam shot is necessary the smaller the cameras the better. Band Pro recently debuted one of Sony's newest cameras the HDC-P1. This compact box-style camera does full HD with a 2/3-inch CCD sensor B4 mount and variable frame rates including 24p. Originally conceived as a studio camera this camera is a natural fit for 3D production. The HDC-P1 measures 8 3/8 inches by 5 1/8 inches by 3 ½ inches (LxWxH) and weighs under 4 pounds. Deliveries start March. Zeiss DigiPrime and DigiZoom lenses are an excellent match for these cameras. Not only are these Zeiss lenses designed specifically for 2/3 inches cameras like the HDC-P1 but they have all received the Carl Zeiss proprietary color matching treatment to ensure uniform color between lenses. The technical rigors of stereoscopic production demand a great shot in the field because a fix-it-in-post image-capture mentality will result in unusable footage and costly reshooting. That's why Astro Design came up with the SM-3324 monitor. This 24-inch 3D LCD monitor incorporates many features that cinematographers have been asking for. The LCD panel has an impressively wide viewing angle and the internal 3D processor can ingest multiple 3D formats (Line-by-Line Field Sequential and Side-by-Side) and automatically display them as a 3D image. ,1529
Barco Supplies Digital Projectors for Berlin International Film Festival,2010-02-13, Barco was chosen as the exclusive digital cinema projector supplier for the Berlinale's 60th anniversary edition held earlier this month. The Berlin International Film Festival was launched in 1951. Over the years it has become one of the most important film festivals in the world with almost 300 000 visitors. For the film festival Barco supplies six digital cinema projectors from its DP series. “We are glad to be working with Barco's digital cinema projectors for our anniversary edition ” says Berlinale director Dieter Kosslick. “We have worked with them on the four previous editions and know we can trust the projectors to perform flawlessly for the festival's entire duration.” 

 “Barco is proud to have been chosen once again as the exclusive digital cinema projector supplier for the Berlinale ” says Tim Sinnaeve market director Barco Digital Cinema. “Barco's digital cinema projectors offer an unparalleled image quality both in 2D and 3D projection and the technology is revolutionizing the cinema industry. We find it important to support film festivals like the Berlinale which make such an important contribution to our industry as a whole.” 

 All of Barco's 2K digital cinema projectors are based on the pioneering DLP Cinema technology from Texas Instruments guaranteeing perfect re-production of film time and time again and ensure movie goers enjoy the highest quality film experience with consistent picture brightness contrast and vibrant colors. Thanks to a revolutionary modular design the projectors deliver the lowest total cost of ownership for a maximal ease of use. ,1530
Carmike Cinemas Secures New Loan,2010-02-13,Carmike Cinemas has entered into a new $265 million senior secured term loan facility and a $30 million senior secured revolving credit facility. Carmike Cinemas chief financial officer Richard B. Hare says The new term loan and revolving credit facility is a positive development for Carmike which we believe will afford us the requisite flexibility to fund the Company’s future growth and success.” Carmike’s existing senior secured term loan facility was set to mature in May 2012 and had a balance of $250.8 million outstanding at December 31 2009. The new term loan facility will have an interest rate of LIBOR plus 350 basis points with a LIBOR floor of two percent and fully matures in January 2016. The interest rate is 50 basis points lower than the prior expected rate of LIBOR plus 400 basis points as disclosed in the Carmike news announcement issued January 7. Carmike has also replaced its $50 million revolving credit facility previously set to mature in May 2010 which was undrawn as of December 31 2009 with a $30 million revolving credit facility that matures in January 2013. J.P. Morgan Securities and Citigroup Global Markets led the refinancing. Carmike Cinemas