NCTA and Dolby Collaborate on 3D Cable Set-Top Box

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Sun, 08/29/2010 - 20:00 -- Nick Dager

The National Cable & Telecommunications Association in Washington DC the NCTA and Dolby Laboratories have collaborated to create the industry's first cinema-quality 3D feed using a cable set-top box presented in a digital cinema environment enabled with Dolby 3D. Drawing on its unique expertise across the entertainment industry – from content creation and digital cinema exhibition to television broadcast and playback devices – Dolby delivered the know-how to demonstrate the potential of future 3D broadcasts. The NCTA screening facility allows viewers to enjoy some of the best and most current cable programming and Dolby is proud to have played an integral role says Walt Husak director image technology Dolby Laboratories. Our rich heritage is built upon years of enabling new possibilities and delivering novel solutions that provide premium entertainment to viewers. Dolby Production Services installed Dolby 3D in NCTA's theater which recently showcased its new 3D display opportunities with the successful broadcast of ESPN's 3D coverage of the 2010 FIFA World Cup which was delivered through a Comcast set-top box then split into a left and right eye stereoscopic image through a Doremi format converter. The signal was then passed through an image processing unit into a Christie digital cinema projector equipped with Dolby 3D. Audiences wearing Dolby 3D glasses were able to experience for the first time 1080 3D playback of the World Cup in a movie theatre environment. The NCTA theatre is also equipped with Dolby Digital technology to deliver a truly immersing surround sound experience. We're grateful for Dolby's expertise and support in enabling NCTA's theater for the World Cup and other exciting 3D cable programming offerings to our industry and to policymakers here in Washington says Mark Bell vice president industry affairs NCTA. With Dolby's cutting-edge technology NCTA's digital cinema can now display brilliant 1080 3D images. Dolby Laboratories