National Amusements Installing Sony 4K Systems

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Tue, 07/13/2010 - 20:00 -- Nick Dager

Sony Professional has signed an agreement to provide its digital cinema 4K-projection systems to National Amusements which operates more than 950 screens across the UK US and Latin America. The agreement will see National Amusement cinemas begin to deploy the 4K resolution projectors around the globe. This agreement is based on Sony’s digital cinema deployment direct partnerships with the major Hollywood studios. National Amusements operates the cinema chain Showcase in the UK and will be installing Sony Digital Cinema 4K systems across its 276 screens. Sony’s 3D digital projection system were to be installed in multiple screens across their circuit with an initial 24 to be fitted by the end of July to expand National Amusements existing 3D capability. In the US National Amusements provides cinema venues in Connecticut Massachusetts New Jersey New York Ohio and Rhode Island. 450 of its screens will be equipped with Sony Digital Cinema 4K projection systems and in South America 16 cinemas will benefit of the latest 3D technology.