Mytherapy Creates 3D Cinema Commercial for Panasonic 3DTV Launch

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Wed, 05/12/2010 - 20:00 -- Nick Dager

Central London post facility Mytherapy D-Cinelab recently beat the clock to complete a stereoscopic 3D commercial for Panasonic Viera 3D HD TVs. Panasonic struck an unprecedented deal to sponsor all 3D movies in every VUE and Odeon cinema in the UK. But because the deal started in April they had only three weeks to come up with a 3D commercial to announce their arrival in the 3D world with the launch of their VT20 3D TV. The decision was made to convert an existing 2D spot to 3D. “Having worked with Mytherapy D-Cinema on other projects including the creation of Panasonic’s idents for their sponsorship of Live At Abbey Road he was our first port of call ” says Ash Bendelow group account director at Panasonic’s agency Brave. “Our close working relationship with Mytherapy’s managing director Dado Valentic meant we already knew he was at the forefront of 3D production in the UK. If he couldn't do it no one could.” Mytherapy used existing 2D-to-3D conversion tools alongside their own proprietary systems. The spot was depth graded and 3D mastered on Iridas Speedgrade. Digital cinema mastering was accomplished using the Mytherapy’s D-Cinema mastering system and testing was carried out using the Dolby 3D Digital Cinema system. “Working with Dado is like watching a surgeon at work – he’s precise honest in terms of what can be achieved and able to produce miracles ” says Bendelow. “Not only is the client ecstatic with the result but cinemagoers have been blown away by the spot. It really cements Panasonic’s position as the leader in 3D technology. Going forward we shall be working closely with Dado and Mytherapy to produce specific 3D content and advertising – because he's the best in the biz.” Mytherapy