My Life Made in France Wins Prix Spécial Format 2014

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Wed, 09/10/2014 - 16:09 -- Nick Dager

My Life Made in France wins Prix Spécial Format 2014After the deliberations of a jury made of French and international professionals gathered at the 20th edition of le Rendez-Vous de Biarritz, the program My Life Made in France received the Prix Spécial Format 2014.

This prize is awarded to the most innovative program with the greatest potential for exportation.

Already sold in several countries (Germany, Italy, Spain, Ireland, Russia, USA and Canada (by a Major of entertainment)) the format, whose concept is exported as a token of creativity “à la française”, achieves a major success!

My Life Made in France poses a simple question: Are we able to live without a single product made outside of France? This is the question that prompted a young journalist to live this unique experience during nine months. Benjamin Carle, who already adopted globalization as a way of life, decided to replace each of his goods by an equivalent product designed and manufactured in France.

Made in France, broadcast for the first time on Canal + on prime time in March.