MPC Buys Three TrueLight 3D Systems

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Wed, 09/29/2010 - 20:00 -- Nick Dager

MPC has purchased three FilmLight Truelight 3D systems: two systems have already been installed in its Wardour Street headquarters (London) for use on a current stereo 3D project. “We needed a 2K stereo player with a comprehensive toolset that integrated into our Linux stereo pipeline ” says David Spilsbury head of engineering at MPC. “We worked with FilmLight’s R&D team to upgrade our existing Truelight Player and having tested the workflows we’ve now purchased a further two systems. The player includes tools such as stereo fix which will allow our operators to make adjustments and get important feedback during client VFX shot review sessions.” “As more 3D projects go into production there’s a growing need for a cost-effective review and approve station for 3D digital rushes ” says Mark Burton head of marketing at FilmLight. “Our new Truelight 3D Player fulfills that need. We’re delighted that MPC such a well-respected player in the post-production industry has seen the tangible benefits the system can offer its clients.”   MPC