MoviePass Partners with iHeartMedia

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Fri, 01/12/2018 - 10:19 -- Nick Dager

MoviePass has signed a media partnership with iHeartMedia, a leading U.S. multi-media company. The new agreement includes an extensive marketing campaign across iHeartMedia’s multiplatform network including radio, digital, social and live events to help build further brand awareness of MoviePass and target new subscribers in select U.S. metro markets that have active movie-going audiences. In addition, iHeartMedia will be an authorized reseller of ad inventory across the MoviePass website and mobile app.

“We have the capability to build significant brand awareness for MoviePass through our unparalleled scale and reach of more than 270 million monthly listeners across the country and our multiplatform assets,” said Joe Robinson, president of iHeartMedia Ventures.  “We see a unique opportunity with MoviePass, and its ability to understand and analyze audience trends and behavior which is a great asset for our advertisers, especially those looking to further engage with millions of movie-goers.”

“We expect that our partnership with iHeartMedia will fuel our continued growth by targeting more profitable subscribers in low-cost markets, while also opening up a new revenue stream with digital advertising,” said Mitch Lowe, CEO of MoviePass.  “We also expect that this relationship will be beneficial to movie exhibitors because we hope to drive more traffic into theaters and to advertisers through our strong working intelligence on the preferences and behaviors of a substantial amount of movie-goers.  Our subscribers are going to twice as many movies a month as other consumers and are buying one in every 50 movie tickets in the U.S.”

MoviePass is a majority-owned subsidiary of Helios and Matheson Analytics.

“The calculus is simple,” said Ted Farnsworth, chairman/CEO of HMNY. “The better we understand audiences, the better the media, the movie industry, and the entertainment industry as a whole can deliver what audiences want.  MoviePass’ partnership with iHeartMedia is good for advertisers that want to understand their audiences and it’s good for consumers who want to be served the right media from the right sources.  We believe that partnerships like this will allow MoviePass’ innovative business model to continue its transformation of the movie industry.”



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