Motion Picture Solutions Acquires AAM’s Content Services Business

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Thu, 05/01/2014 - 14:26 -- Nick Dager

Arts Alliance Media’s content services business has been acquired by London-based Motion Picture Solutions. The company will form Europe’s largest and most experienced independent mastering facility, serving a range of clients from major studios to independent filmmakers.

The deal is part of a wider on-going cooperation between AAM and MPS to deliver the most compelling digital cinema content delivery and management solution to distributors and exhibitors by fusing together the best of both companies’ hardware and software products.

Matthew Aspray, chief operating officer of MPS said, “We are delighted that the AAM content services team are joining MPS. Our pooled resources will ensure that our existing and new clients receive innovative high quality digital cinema mastering services for years to come. Our future collaboration with AAM will enable us to launch new solutions in KDM delivery, dynamic content ordering and distribution.”

Howard Kiedaisch, chief executive officer of AAM added, “The new MPS team will be 100 percent focused on content services and bring together the best from both groups to create an unrivalled leader in Europe. Also, being able to collaborate rather than compete against each other makes perfect sense for both AAM and MPS, but more importantly allows us to offer the highest quality solution for our distributor and exhibitor clients.”

AAM and MPS have both been working on digital cinema content delivery technology for several years. As part of the collaboration they will be working on integrating the technology to provide the strongest solutions for the exhibition and distribution communities. AAM’s expertise with exhibitor-side software and MPS’s leading position with hardware for electronic delivery (LANsat), gives the companies an unparalleled offering to cinemas for receiving content seamlessly.

AAM’s content services division is expected to have transferred communications and billing to MPS by June 1. All of AAM’s Content Services staff will be transferred to MPS, and the company will continue to be based at its West London location. Other areas of MPS and AAM’s businesses are unaffected.

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