Modern Cinema Group Opens London Office

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Thu, 01/25/2018 - 12:31 -- Nick Dager

The Modern Cinema Group has opened a London office for its new media exchange now named the MOCI Media Exchange. With the help of the finance team working for the Dubai-based Pride Group, London was selected as an ideal location for the new media exchange due to its favorable geographical location as well as its long history of hosting successful international exchanges.

The name MOCI Media Exchange was formalized because people have been using this name since the last round of patent filings in August 2017.

Modern Cinema Group CEO Ross Cooper said, “We are proud to announce London as the location for our new MOCI Media Exchange offices.  We believe London offers numerous advantages including close proximity to important European mobile carriers and television platform operators.  Although we have been primarily focused on our operations in Asia, it won’t be long before we start trading initiatives in the West. London is a perfect bridge between the two:  Oriental and Occidental.”

The Pride Group CEO Aboo Backer said, “London is always at the top of the list when considering domiciles as well as office locations.  There’s really no other place on earth like London.  We’re proud to announce this new office location and look forward to spending more time in the UK as the year progresses.”

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