Michael Jackson Memorial Seen Live at 47 Cinedigm-Certified Theatres

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Sun, 07/12/2009 - 20:00 -- Nick Dager

Cinedigm Digital Cinema has announced that thousands of fans turned out to theatres around the country to view the July 7th Michael Jackson Memorial Service via a live feed direct from the Staples Center. A total of 47 Cinedigm-certified theatres carried the broadcast with ten of those coming online within hours of its commencement due to the last minute nature of the event.  
 “Without the permission of AEG Network Live and the Jackson family we could not have brought this historic event to fans to share in a supportive and comforting atmosphere almost as if they were in the Staples Center.  We thank them for allowing us to provide this beautiful tribute in a way we hope properly honored the King of Pop ” says Bud Mayo Cinedigm’s chairman and CEO. “I am especially proud of both the tech and entertainment teams at Cinedigm as well as our exhibitor partners for making this possible in literally 24 hours.”
 “The beauty of digital cinema is that it allows for creative use like this ” says Jonathan Dern president of Cinedigm’s Entertainment Group.  “Certainly events like today’s are few and far between but the future of theatres as a venue for bringing other live and unique events is bright.  Cinedigm looks forward to bringing more of them to and increasing number of locations around the country through our CineLive network.”
 Fans in theatres offering the live broadcast all over the country embraced the sense of community created in each location and were seen clapping singing along and dancing in the aisles as they celebrated Jackson and his life’s work.   A woman attending a theatre in Manhattan was overheard saying she had left work early because she “wanted to come to this theatre to be with other fans to really experience the event.”  
  Another woman stated “I grew up with Michael Jackson and felt like I knew him.   Being here and seeing [his memorial] live on the big screen makes this special event even more meaningful.”  
 A third fan said he was floored by the incredible image quality saying “It makes me feel like I’m at the Staples Center right now.” 
Tom Stephenson CEO of Rave Motion Pictures one of the theatre chains that carried the event says “we were thrilled that Cinedigm was able to react quickly to the opportunity for us to bring this to Rave theatres. Attendance was strong and the audience was very appreciative.  Some audience members indicated that it made them feel like they were right in the Staples Center.”
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