Mersive is Chosen for Swedish Planetarium

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Thu, 11/12/2009 - 19:00 -- Nick Dager

Sweden’s University of Umeå has installed Mersive SOL software in its Umevatoriet Center planetarium to accomplish the edge-blending image warping and auto alignment of multiple projectors on the dome screen to provide a crisp and compelling immersive visual experience. “Mersive SOL software enables automatic alignment of projectors which significantly reduces installation time and increases the stability of the display ” says Randall Stevens CEO at Mersive.  “Calibration which has traditionally taken hours and even days to achieve has been reduced to a few minutes so installation and maintenance costs are greatly reduced.” With the combined solution of Mersive SOL software projectiondesign projectors and integration services by Mersive distributor Antycip Simulation the science center delivers an immersive full-dome planetarium show that accommodates 27 people in two rows of seats under a 5 meter diameter hard curved dome screen. “We are very enthusiastic to have enabled a quantum leap in audience interaction and engagement ” says Tommy Jonsson project manager at Umevatoriet. “Moreover management is confident our center’s profile will rise even further as a result. Bravo to Mersive SOL projectiondesign and Uniview for a beautiful collaboration and to Antycip Simulation for bringing it all together.”   Mersive Umevatoriet