MediaDirect Norway Chooses Unique Digital’s Advertising Accord

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Mon, 02/22/2016 - 12:38 -- Nick Dager

MediaDirect Norway has chosen Unique Digital’s Advertising Accord to provide advertising sales & pre-show management systems. Advertising Accord went live with MDN February 1.

“We are delighted to welcome MDN on board; they now have a powerful system solution to support their ongoing business requirements,” said Phil Morris, chief operating officer of Unique Digital. “Our team worked with the MDN team to effect a lightning fast turn-around for a core business systems replacement project. Ensuring MDN business continuity while moving them to our Advertising Accord solution was a challenge the team both embraced and delivered on.”

Ronny Lieblein, acting CEO Media Direct Norge said, “Advertising Accord provides both us and our exhibitor customers with a more flexible, integrated and dynamic solution – benefiting our entire workflow from sales through campaign management to delivery and billing. Seeing the ability of the product, which is already operational with our sister company DRF in Denmark, convinced us Advertising Accord was the required solution for our business.”

The Advertising Accord solution is now responsible for managing and delivering the pre-show content for more than 8,000 screens in Europe and is operated by all the market leading cinema agencies in the UK, Irish and Nordic markets, providing all the tools necessary to manage clients, campaigns and a complete post-to-screen DCP distribution service.

Key features include scheduling to individual showing level, on-site screen swap, multiple content block provision and is designed with integration to other data feeds allowing for assimilation of numerous data sources, for example Admissions & Movie Schedule. The Advertising Accord scheduling engine constantly maximizes advertising revenue by dynamically scheduling campaigns for maximum capacity usage.

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