Maya Entertainment Presents Eight-Picture Film Series

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Fri, 08/28/2009 - 20:00 -- Nick Dager

Maya Entertainment a Los Angeles production and advisory company specializing in independent films recently joined forces with Blockbuster to present Latin cinema from acclaimed filmmakers and star talent in major U.S. markets through the Maya Independent Film Series. Visual Data provided the digital cinema packaging for the release. The series included an eight-city theatrical release of a curated slate of eight Latino-themed films reinforcing Maya Entertainment's mission to provide innovative platforms for the theatrical release and showcasing the films to a national audience. The Maya Independent Film Series runs in Landmark Theatres in six locations and Cobb Cinébistro in Miami.  The series launched on July 17th and runs through September 10th. When it came time for Maya to prepare for the DCP requirements for their series they turned to their long-time collaborators at Visual Data.  Kristi Alires Vice President of Home Entertainment for Maya Entertainment noted that We have been working with Visual Data for contract fulfilment and other services and we knew that if they took on the DCP packaging we'd be in great shape.  We were right.  They are diligent adept and possess all of the technical and creative skills required to deliver these files perfectly.  We wanted the festival to be free of any technical issues and to look as great as possible and Visual Data helped us accomplish that. The move to Digital Cinema Packaging was a natural one for the Burbank stalwart says John Trautman CEO of Visual Data because it ties in with the end-to-end service philosophy of the company.  We strive to stay ahead of our clients' needs. When we analyzed the knowledge and skill-set required to provide state of the art DCP services we quickly saw that we had everything needed. Visual Data was already a first rate source of versioning editorial duplication closed captioning DVD authoring and encoding.  This is a natural next step for our studio contract fulfillment and independent film customers and we were eager to keep our full service position in place.  A DCP master is a great launching point for many other deliveries and enables content owners to move swiftly and accurately.  We are ready and able to support that need. The Maya Indie Film Series visit: Visual Data