Matthieu Straub Joins FilmLight as Technical Advisor

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Mon, 07/15/2019 - 12:19 -- Nick Dager

Well-known French digital imaging technician and film workflow specialist, Matthieu Straub, has joined FilmLight. Based in Paris, he will provide technical advice and practical assistance to FilmLight clients in France and Benelux, as well as acting as the company’s voice in local key trade groups and with training partners in the production and post marketplaces.

Well-known French digital imaging technician and film workflow specialist, Matthieu Straub, has joined FilmLight.After a pioneering career as a freelance digital imaging technician in French cinema – including the 2012 blockbuster Asterix, plus commercials and feature films with DPs such as Darius Khondji ASC AFC, Russell Carpenter ASC, Eric Gautier AFC and Benoit Delhomme AFC. Straub co-founded Be4Post, the industry-leading rental facility that provides on-set lab services and equipment. As COO, he was responsible for managing all DIT services and rental operations, setting up innovative workflows for production and post facilities, and keeping track of emerging technologies such as HDR and 4K.  He is also a co-founder of the French DIT Association, ADIT.

“Since my first meeting with the FilmLight team several years ago, we have collaborated on many projects together. I have always considered their products not just as tools, but as a source of inspiration dedicated to creativity,” Straub said. “FilmLight has always been this place of listening and sharing, and I am delighted to join the team.”

As well as providing ideas and practical experience on developing intelligent production to post workflows, a key part of Straub’s role is in communication between the production community and FilmLight. He will filter and share feedback from the field, along with market intelligence, and he will also act as FilmLight’s lobbyist within key European industry associations.

“For best results, the DP and colorist need to work as a team, and our tools need to work on set as well as in post,” said Wolfgang Lempp, CEO of FilmLight. “Matthieu brings unrivalled experience of what happens on set, paired with an excellent knowledge of all cameras and accessories. We are excited to have his creative insights, as well as his current expertise in color – this will doubtless contribute to the future growth of our technology and benefit our users worldwide.”

Straub starts his new role at FilmLight today.