MasterImage 3D Introduces MI-2100S for Small Theatres

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Sat, 12/11/2010 - 19:00 -- Nick Dager

MasterImage 3D has introduced a new digital 3D cinema system the MI-2100S designed with a small form-factor to meet the needs of theatres with low projection windows. The new MI-2100S is a smaller version of the company's MI-2100 digital 3D cinema system and delivers the same high image clarity and compelling ownership-based business model as the original product. While it was designed smaller to sit lower the new MI-2100S includes an optional stand; a fast programmable up/down electric lift actuator that enables it to be used in either low-window or standard projection rooms. The new system also includes improved automation interfaces and programming options for Ethernet and 3D and a new filter for its circular polarizing wheel that improves overall brightness which is available for both the MI-2100 and MI-2100S systems. MasterImage 3D chairman and CEO Younghoon Lee says We heard from theatres in India and China that they wanted to convert to 3D but that their projection rooms didn't accommodate the size of most 3D cinema systems. We were able to engineer a smaller version of the MI-2100 to meet their projection room dimensions and update it with new capabilities at the same time. Having a small projection room has not stopped us from bringing the excitement of 3D to audiences says D. Teddy Joshua manager at SPI Cinemas in Tamil Nadu India an early adopter of the MI-2100S. The new MasterImage system is designed for small spaces and has been perfectly stable and reliable.