MasterImage 3D Granted Korean Patent for MI-Horizon3D

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Wed, 04/23/2014 - 11:01 -- Nick Dager

MasterImage 3D today announced the approval by the Korean Intellectual Property Office of its key patents 10-1387096 and 10-1387097. This newly patented 3D process is the technology behind MasterImage 3D’s MI-Horizon3D digital cinema system. The MI-Horizon3D debuted this year at the annual CinemaCon tradeshow in Las Vegas, demonstrating the potential for cinemas to deliver up to 14 foot-lambert 3D.  

Worldwide patent applications are in progress.  

The patented technology enables high-brightness 3D image projection in cinemas using a three-beam optical system. In order to improve sharpness and clarity of 3D imagery on-screen, the three-way beam technology provides best-in-class alignment between pass-through and reflected images, which is superior to processes used by existing two-beam solutions.  Incorporating a novel precision polarized beam-splitter, the MasterImage 3D method efficiently achieves higher performance of polarization and support for throw-ratios as low as 0.8, the lowest in the industry. The MasterImage 3D method improves brightness efficiency; moreover, by eliminating the magnification lens found in competitive products, it also enhances the ease of installation and operation.

“The addition of these patents to our portfolio positions us as the leader in three-beam 3D solutions, as we rollout the most wide-reaching systems for today’s cineplex including our flexible range of financing options," said Younghoon Lee, MasterImage 3D chairman and CEO. "Our dedication to optical innovation ensures the MI-Horizon3D to be best quality and most cost-effective 3D technology for any screening environment. Large screens benefit from a three-beam solution to support lower throw-ratios.  Smaller screens save cost by reducing lamp power of their projector and maintain extremely high 3D brightness.” 

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