Mars Cinema Group Selects AAM Software for all Cinemaximum’s Screens

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Tue, 10/28/2014 - 15:20 -- Nick Dager

Turkey’s leading cinema chain owner Mars Cinema Group has selected Arts Alliance Media’s full cinema software suite to power all of their Cinemaximum screens.

The AAM system comprises the entire end-to-end suite of software products and covers cinema operations (from screen and equipment monitoring to comprehensive content management), financial and operational reporting, and advertising. The package includes the Screenwriter Theatre Management System (TMS); the Producer enterprise content, KDM and pre-show management system; VPF financial software Auditor; and AdFuser, AAM’s flagship campaign advertising management system.

Screenwriter manages all content and scheduling across screens at an individual site level, automating many tasks which were previously time-consuming and inaccurate.  This allows staff to spend less time in the projection booth and more time on customer-facing activities. Each site’s Screenwriter TMS integrates with enterprise circuit management system Producer, used at head office to centralise processes and manage all sites from one location. With Producer, head office has a bird’s eye view over all screens in a circuit, no matter how remote, and saves time and operational expense by eliminating the manual tasks, which previously had to be performed at each site. Producer reduces errors and missed shows by not only giving complete visibility over each screen and all content, but also proactively alerting to any upcoming problems across the circuit such as missing content or KDMs, in time to fix them. Head office can also centralise and automate pre-show content.

Advertising and trailer playlists can be assembled automatically and sent electronically to the right screens. This minimises the risk of human error, which can lead to the wrong content being shown.

As well as reducing costs and increasing efficiency across the circuit, AAM software increases revenue generation by managing cinema advertising with AdFuser. AdFuser provides fine-grained ad targeting to specific audience demographics, shows, or titles, along with centralising the advertising delivery process. Playlists are built automatically according to defined targeting rules and delivered from head office direct to the right screens, saving time and increasing accuracy.

Hakan Askar, digital systems manager of Mars said, “AAM’s software suite will automate and streamline many processes across our estate while reducing errors and keeping us informed of any potential problems in time to fix them. AAM’s software simplifies almost every task we have to do across our cinemas, meaning things are completed faster and more accurately.”

Eric Stevens, commercial director of AAM said, “We’re so pleased to partner with Mars and provide them with our software to improve their operations. Our products provide efficient cost savings and revenue generation across every aspect of cinema operations, enabling exhibitors to reduce missed shows and improve the customer experience.  We’re happy that Mars customers will get to enjoy these benefits across the circuit.”

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