Mars Cinema Group Makes Major Sony Purchase

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Mon, 11/16/2015 - 11:45 -- Nick Dager

Turkey’s largest cinema operator, Mars Cinema Group, has purchased a total of 82 digital cinema projectors from Sony.

The decision to press forward with Sony Digital Cinema 4K for their new cinema builds ensures Mars customers will continue to experience the very best in picture quality, enjoying crystal clear content. 

Sony will supply 45 digital cinema 3D systems as well as providing 41 SRX-R510P projectors, giving audiences the immersive thrill of Sony 4K in smaller auditoriums. Twenty-nine SRX-R515P projectors will be supplied for the mid-sized auditoriums and eight of Sony’s new DCI certified dual projection system the SRX-R515DS will be for Mars Cinema’s large premium screens. 

“We are continuing our efforts to offer the best cinema experience in all corners of Turkey. As we continue to grow, our need for new projectors has also grown,” said Kurt Rieder, CEO of Mars Cinema Group. “We carefully compared 4K offerings from all manufacturers and Sony’s projectors distinguish themselves by being the best image quality available on the market today.

Sony Digital Cinema 4K lets us give our guests the picture quality they deserve. This combined with a low total cost of ownership made the deal really attractive to us and our guests”.