Marina Del Rey Film Festival to Feature Cinetransformer

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Fri, 07/22/2016 - 12:46 -- Nick Dager

Seeking to reach a larger audience, increase sponsorship and provide a professional screening venue for its film festival, the Marina Del Rey Film Festival will host Cinetransformer at its festival August 14th at the Jamaica Bay Inn in Marina Del Rey, California. The Cinetransformer is a 91-seat mobile cinema housed in a 53-foot double-expandable trailer.

Created by IntegraSV, Cinetransformer offers stadium seating, a 14 foot projection screen, 6.1 Surround Sound, two restrooms, a lobby area, a concession stand, air conditioning, a marquee and other features. The design provides a built-in generator, which allows the tractor to detach from the Cinetransformer at any time. 

Recently Cinetransformer provided three mobile cinemas to the Bentonville Film Festival where they saw a 70 percent increase in attendance in large part due to the Cinetransformer presence. There are 26 Cinetransformer units throughout the United States, Europe, Mexico and Brazil for mobile marketing tours and events.