Light Illusion Launches New Color Management System

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Thu, 04/30/2020 - 11:08 -- Nick Dager

Light Illusion, a specialist in critical color management within the film, post-production, and broadcast industries, has launched ColorSpace CMS, currently available for pre-order, which enables participation in the open beta program to provide feedback and input for the final release.

ColorSpace CMS is connects to a wide variety of display calibration probes in order to accurately assess the color rendition of any display. It then creates color management data, which can be used to perfect color accuracy by uploading it into a display that has color management features, or alternatively, applied as a correction to the signal feeding the display using associated hardware.

Applications include display calibration, color management, and color workflows within the professional film, post-production, and broadcast industries, as well as for display manufacturers and home cinema enthusiasts. ColorSpace CMS data is compatible with most color related post-production platforms such as Resolve, Flame and Baselight.

ColorSpace CMS has been designed to bring a significant improvement to how color accuracy is measured and reported. Steve Shaw, CEO of Light Illusion said, “The most visually impressive aspect of ColorSpace CMS is the unique way it communicates color accuracy to the user. Full volumetric accuracy of any given display can be quickly and easily assessed, using the new three-dimensional, fully interactive, re-sizeable, and color-coded graphs. Complex color data can be clearly analyzed, with 3D CIE and normalized RGB Color Space graphs, including Error Tangent lines and color coded measure points.”

He added, “Color coding within the display graphs helps to quickly identify the accuracy of any given measured point. For example, Green signifies that a measured color value is below 1dE, while Orange shows a color as being between 1dE and 2.3dE, and Red indicates a value above 2.3dE. Additional Tangent Lines are visual plots of any given point's error, showing the recorded location of the measured color, compared to where the color should actually be located for any given color space.”

Flanders Scientific Inc. has been actively involved in testing and feedback during the development of ColorSpace CMS. Bram Desmet, FSI general manager said, "It's always impressive to see something that was already good to begin with evolve into something that provides totally new and unique capabilities. Light Illusion really has changed the way we can assess and understand display calibration, and ColorSpace CMS is a testament to Light Illusion's commitment to the continued development of color management and calibration tools."

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