Langley Productions Upgrades with Archion EditStor

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Tue, 10/04/2016 - 11:25 -- Nick Dager

Cops began its 29th consecutive television season this year and its producer Langley Productions relies on Archion’s EditStor for asset management. Langley also produces the reality series Jail, now in its eighth season.

Cops producer Langley Productions relies on Archion's EditStor.For many years, Langley Productions’ post-production team relied on Avid editorial tools. But like many other Avid based facilities, Langley also used Archion’s Synergy with the Avid Unity. Last year the Langley team decided to upgrade their facility with Archion’s EditStor.

MItsuo Goto, post producer at Langley Productions, and Abbey Wysocki, post production supervisor, Langley Productions said, “Replacing Avid Unity was a very big decision for us at Langley Productions last year. We chose Archion’s EditStor over Avid ISIS and other systems because of its high performance capabilities and vast experience with Avid workflow.” 

Langley has more than 20 Avid editors connected with 10GigE to EditStor for their shows Cops and Jail, along with on-going development projects. James Tucci, Archion’s CTO, said, “It’s an amazing workflow that Goto has worked out to bring the Cops to television. 10GigE is crucial in getting all the footage ingested, logged and edited in time. That is what the Archion system gives our clients – the speed and the time.”

Goto and Wysocki are currently upgrading Langley ’s post unit to the newest version of Archion’s ShareConnector to provide transparency between Archion and Avid Project Sharing.

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