Kodak Adds to Vision3 Line of Film Stock

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Mon, 06/28/2010 - 20:00 -- Nick Dager

Kodak has just added two new films to its Vision 3 family. The stock additions include a medium-speed tungsten-balanced color negative camera film and a color intermediate film optimized to work with digital post-production technologies. These new Vision3 films are the tangible results of our ongoing commitment to filmmakers says Kim Snyder president of the Entertainment Imaging Division and vice president of Eastman Kodak Company. They were designed based on our customers' suggestions and with the goal of increasing creative freedom and efficiencies in production and post-production. As filmmaking technology evolves Kodak continues to lead the way by delivering the highest-quality imaging systems and innovative products and services for visual storytellers. Kodak Vision3 5213/7213 is a 200-speed tungsten-balanced film. It features extended latitude enabling cinematographers to record more details in highlights and delivers finer grain for natural-looking images in the darkest areas. The emulsion is optimally designed for both controlled interiors and challenging high-contrast exteriors and is available in all formats (65 mm 35 mm Super 16 and Super 8). Cinematographers who have tested the film report that it records cleaner whites and deeper black tones offers enhanced latitude and provides richer color saturation and natural skin tones. Kodak's new Vision3200T 5213 stock is a significant improvement over the already excellent Vision2 5217 says American Society of Cinematographers president Michael Goi (The Mentalist My Name is Earl) who tested the film. Reds in skin tones have a noticeably more natural balance and I felt I could almost touch the high resolution results in texture. This new film has an even finer grain structure with deeper black tones and richer color saturation especially in the reds and flesh tones says David Mullen ASC (Jennifer's Body Akeelah and the Bee) who also tested the film. The images were slightly sharper and more consistent in over-exposed areas. The white tones were cleaner after the film was scanned and converted to digital files. There is also a tighter grain structure especially when it is used for daylight exterior scenes. By capturing the highest possible amount of image information far more than any digital format the Kodak Vision3 family of films gives the filmmaking community incomparable flexibility throughout the motion picture chain Snyder adds. That translates directly to time and cost efficiencies on set and in post and greater creative control no matter what workflow is followed. Our customers demand the very highest image quality and these new Kodak films help them achieve their creative visions better than any other image capture medium today says Snyder. Our actions continue to demonstrate that Kodak remains committed to motion picture film with more advances on the way. ,1814
Rooftop Films Presents Flood Tide July 7th ,2010-06-29,On July 7th Rooftop Films Socrates Sculpture Park and Museum of the Moving Image will present Flood Tide director Todd Chandler’s movie about a ramshackle river raft journey in the midst of ongoing economic and ecological collapse. It was the summer the gas stations closed. The summer they played music in the old mill. The summer they built a boat. The summer they left. Flood Tide is a road movie on a river. It tells the story of four musicians who create extraordinary boats out of ordinary junk and set out for open water fueled by dreams desperation and a sense of adventure. Flood Tide is a collaboration with the Swimming Cities of Switchback Sea a project dreamed up by the artist Swoon and built by an eclectic group of artists and performers. In the summer of 2008 the crew built and floated seven large boat-sculptures down the Hudson River putting on performances in towns along the way. The fleet made an imaginary port in the East River docking the boats right near Socrates Sculpture Park making this film a perfect selection for Rooftop Museum of the Moving Image and Socrates to kick off this summer screening series. The tale of these unlikely rafts and their crews is told by one friend who remains at home. One day a package for him arrives containing artifacts from the boats: a glass bottle a piece of lace a diary an envelope of snapshots. Each object reveals the destinies of two divergent but inextricably linked journeys. The film's quiet narrative unfolds through fragments of memories songs letters and diary entries. Characters played by non-actors from the bands Dark Dark Dark and Fall Harbor chase jobs dig through the past and eventually float out of town in an attempt to escape a life that doesn't make sense. They drift past empty new condo developments anchor to explore crumbling castles and swim in iridescent green quarries. They get stopped by torrents of rain and groaning broken-down motors. Flood Tide follows an unpredictable voyage down a strange and meandering river a search for a new life along a polluted estuary that is tidal and flows both ways. While documenting the real life journey Flood Tide is an independent fictional feature film that uses the voyage as its centerpiece. The film and its small crew traveled down the Hudson River shooting verité footage of the boats underway as well as staging structured fictional scenes in the middle of the activity on board and on shore. Music is an integral part of Flood Tide both onscreen and off. In addition to featuring live performances and original soundtrack by Dark Dark Dark and Fall Harbor the film includes music by Jolie Holland and Nathan Salsburg and an onscreen performance by sound artist Pauline Oliveros. Rooftop Films 2010 Schedule ,1816
Technicolor 3D Gains Studio Support,2010-06-29,Technicolor has announced that it has secured support from five motion picture studios for the international release of theatrical content in the Technicolor 3D format.  The studios include: DreamWorks Animation Universal Pictures Paramount Pictures The Weinstein Company and Warner Bros.  The first international release in Technicolor 3D will be Shrek Forever After from DreamWorks Animation in Germany.  Other countries included in the international launch of Technicolor 3D are the United Kingdom Spain Italy and Japan.     To date Technicolor says it has installed its film-based 3D system in more than 200 screens in North America. “We are very pleased to announce the progression of Technicolor 3D with the international support of five major motion picture studios” said Joe Berchtold president of Technicolor Creative Services.  “The support from these studios further demonstrate that Technicolor 3D is a viable solution to bridge the gap to digital and we are pleased to bring 3D to even more consumers in these key international territories.” “There are a number of exhibitors around the world that don’t currently have access to the capital required to convert to digital.  Until digital conversion is possible for these exhibitors overseas we believe Technicolor 3D provides a valuable service in enabling certain theaters to show our movies in a high quality manner to audiences who may not otherwise have had the opportunity to experience them in the theater in 3D ” says Ann Daly COO DreamWorks Animation. More than 20 3D titles have been announced for 2010 including Shrek Forever After and MegaMind from DreamWorks Animation/Paramount; The Last Airbender from Paramount; Cats and Dogs Legend of the Guardians and Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows Part 1 from Warner Bros.; Despicable Me and My Soul To Take from Universal Pictures and Piranha 3D from The Weinstein Company. Technicolor www.technicolor.com ,1818
Coming Soon to a Cell Phone Near You,2010-06-29, Warner Premiere has announced development of a live-action digital series based on the critically acclaimed Alloy Entertainment book series The Clique written by Lisi Harrison. The Clique will be available through online digital retailers and is being distributed by Warner Bros. Digital Distribution. “We’re looking forward to building on the tremendous success and the adoration toward The Clique series ” says Peter Murrieta.  “We see a world that doesn’t just begin where the books left off; it enhances enriches and brings the characters the story and the references into 2010.  By doing this we’ll not only introduce a whole new audience to The Clique we’ll appeal to the original fans too.”    The Clique will feature all-new characters and adventures written by Streamy-award winner Justine Bateman (Easy to Assemble Wizards of Waverly Place) and her FM 78.tv partner and Emmy Award-winner Jill Kushner (Ellen: The Ellen DeGeneres Show).  Peter Murrieta also an Emmy Award-winner and FM78.tv partner (Wizards of Waverly Place) will serve as executive producer.   The series is being produced in association with Alloy Entertainment with Alloy’s Leslie Morgenstein and Bob Levy also serving as executive producers.  Morgenstein and Levy also produced 2009’s The Clique DVD movie.  
 Additional details about the series will be announced in the coming months.  Warner Bros. Digital Distribution www.warnerbros.com ,1820
Christie First to Achieve Full DCI Compliance,2010-06-29,Christie has announced that it is the first digital cinema projector manufacturer to pass the full range of tests required by the Compliance Test Plan for the DCI Digital Cinema System Specification including all procedural and design review aspects. CineCert a technology development and consulting firm and the only organization in North America licensed by Digital Cinema Initiatives to administer the CTP completed the tests.   Christie also announced that it has shipped and installed more than 12 000 digital cinema projectors worldwide achieving a new industry milestone and strengthening its leadership with a 65 percent share of the total global market. In addition to address growing demands Christie has opened a new manufacturing facility in China increased R&D expanded its base of skilled staff stocked up on long lead components to ensure sufficient parts in the months ahead and strengthened its technical training initiatives. At the same time it has boosted its Christie Managed Services programs in North America to provide the widest range of technical support for resellers and exhibitors making the switch to digital. “We are very pleased to confirm that the Christie CP2220 featuring Texas Instruments’ Series 2 DLP Cinema technology has passed all the requirements of the CTP ” says John Hurst CTO of CineCert. “We are dedicated to helping the exhibition community understand all of the technical requirements for passing the CTP and helping manufacturers get through the testing process quickly and efficiently.” Hollywood studios require exhibitors worldwide to install DCI compliant projectors in their theaters; and passing the CTP is the only approved path to DCI compliance. “With over 12 000 digital cinema projectors installed worldwide Christie helps set the standards for quality reliability and performance ” says Brian Claypool senior product manager entertainment solutions. “Now that CineCert has confirmed the Christie CP2220 meets the CTP’s requirements exhibitors have another level of assurance about our commitment to providing them with industry-leading products and services.” “With more than 80 years in the industry Christie has earned the trust of the exhibition community by consistently providing products of the highest quality and reliability. This new digital cinema landmark – meeting the strictest requirements for DCI compliance – is further proof of Christie’s commitment to the market ” says Craig Sholder vice president of entertainment solutions at Christie. Regarding the 12 000 projector milestone Jack Kline Christie’s president and COO says “The world is going digital and Christie is committed to leading the charge ” said Jack Kline President and COO Christie USA. “From our first ground-breaking roll-out of 4 000 digital cinema projectors that jump-started the digital cinema revolution Christie has been a major force in every corner of the world developing innovative strategies products and services that are guiding the industry into the digital age.” Regarding the new facilities in China. Lin Yu vice-president Christie Asia Pacific says “Christie’s accomplishments in the Asia Pacific region are a testament to the company’s global vision. It reflects the company’s unique ability to respond quickly to the needs of a changing market. In addition to our dominance in the Asia Pacific region Christie’s new manufacturing facility in China will further strengthen our presence in this region and enhance our manufacturing capabilities globally. This summer Christie Solaria Series digital cinema projectors will be coming off the assembly line to meet continued worldwide demand.” “Assembly in China opens up significant new opportunities and shipping flexibility for Christie that will allow us to better serve all our customers around the world ” says Ihor Stech Christie's vice-president of Operations. “It is the ideal location because much of our raw materials come from the Asian region so we can more efficiently convert them to final product. With the initial projectors feeding the markets in Asia we will also save on import duties. Meanwhile we can quickly deploy the projectors to meet demands around the world as needed.” Stech says Christie selected Shenzhen because it offers access to a well-educated and highly skilled labor force. It is China’s third largest city after Shanghai and Beijing with 16 million people and considered one of the country’s most successful industrial centers.  In addition its close proximity to Hong Kong attracts a multinational staff to serve the global markets. Hong Kong also features one of the largest ports in the world facilitating quick deployment of digital projectors to other regions.  “We are committed to all our partners in the exhibition community and that includes making substantial financial investments to ensure we meet their needs ” says Kline. “The two facilities are operating closely together under the direction of Christie’s veteran technical team with Shenzhen precisely mirroring the world class manufacturing standards we observe in North America.  We are using identical equipment and assembly line techniques.  We are also employing the same principles training and technical expertise in our work force that have made Christie projectors the most trusted most reliable and best selling digital cinema projectors in the world.” Christie Digital Systems www.christiedigital.com CineCert www.cinecert.com ,1821
The Invention of Hugo Cabret in Production with Arri Alexa,2010-07-14,Principal photography is underway on the forthcoming 3D motion picture The Invention of Hugo Cabret directed by Martin Scorsese. Robert Richardson is the cinematographer. Pace Technology a key technical partner for Arri and the first customer worldwide to take delivery of Alexa is supplying cameras lenses stereoscopic systems and a new generation of 3D rigs designed around the camera. Commenting on his investment in Alexa Vince Pace CEO says “Pace is excited by Alexa’s roll-out into the new age of stereo cinematography. Our commitment to the industry is centered around the fact that the new trend in 3D has to be built on a strong 2D legacy. Arri has done just that delivering a camera with both technical and creative performance that raises the bar for digital cinematography. For a DP the camera delivers on increased dynamic range and sensitivity to help make the transition to 3D seamless. For Pace supporting a unique film like Hugo Cabret in 3D with Alexa is important and we are proud to be involved.” Franz Kraus managing director of Arri in Munich says “Arri has delivered on its commitment to customers at IBC 2009. Alexa shipped in June with an entry price point of €45 000 and with a rich feature list which today’s technology-savvy and quality-driven customers have fully embraced. With important reference productions such as Hugo Cabret and many accolades from industry innovators Alexa is now positioned in the market at the very highest level offering unrivalled quality reliability and performance at a very competitive price.” Walter Trauninger general manager for Arri’s camera and DIS business unit and responsible for manufacturing the Alexa camera says “Demand for Alexa has been unprecedented and consequently we have been working hard to significantly increase our manufacturing capacity in Munich to deliver as many cameras as possible as soon as possible but without compromising quality. We still anticipate that it will take a short while to clear the current order backlog but the wait will be worth it. Alexa is a remarkable digital production tool.” Arri www.arri.com ,1830
Beijing SunWah Orders 60 NEC Projectors from Ballantyne Strong ,2010-07-14,Beijing SunWah World Management in China has placed an order with Ballantyne Strong for 60 NEC digital cinema projectors for theatres located throughout the People's Republic of China. Initial projector shipments are expected to commence later this year and scheduled for completion early next year. Ballantyne Strong also announced that it has completed the opening of a new office in Shanghai its second office in the PRC. The office supports Ballantyne's sales marketing and customer service efforts for the Chinese market which is one of the world's fastest growing regions for cinema. The company also has plans to open a Taiwan office in coming months. John P. Wilmers president and CEO of Ballantyne says China continues to be a very strong and accelerating market opportunity for us and we are pleased to further expand our base of relationships to Beijing SunWah World Management. Our investment in establishing local offices throughout the country including Ballantyne's newly opened office in Shanghai demonstrates a long-term commitment to this important market and has begun to yield substantial benefits such as this new relationship. We are very pleased that our customers in the Far East and other regions we serve have demonstrated a genuine appreciation for NEC's state-of-the-art digital projection systems as well as Ballantyne's turnkey service and related product offerings which satisfy a full range of digital cinema needs. Ballantyne Strong www.ballantyne-strong.com ,1831
Cinedeck Extreme Now Available,2010-07-14, Cinedeck has announced the immediate availability of Cinedeck Extreme what the company says is the industry’s first portable cinema-grade on-board recording monitoring and playback device designed for use at every level of television commercial independent or major motion film production. Cinedeck Extreme made its US debut at NAB 2010. “Today’s announcement marks another major milestone for Cinedeck ” says Alan Hoff vice president of product management for Cinedeck.  “Since our launch in February and our debut at NAB this year we’ve taken careful strides along the way listening closely to our users and partners to deliver a solid device that will transform the way cinematographers and production crews create their art in the field.  From the most rugged and seemingly impossible production environments our users are already realizing the power versatility reliability and convenience of Cinedeck Extreme.”
 Among its key features Cinedeck monitors video in real-time much like a standard on-camera focus monitor and possesses a collection of image analysis tools such as on-screen histogram/waveform/scopes for ensuring proper exposure.  Audio is monitored via on-board headphone jack and recording levels can be viewed on-screen. It captures edit-ready 10-bit 4:2:2 or 12-bit 4:4:4 CineForm files in MOV format as well as other industry standard codecs and formats.  Ingest occurs via HDSDI or HDMI and files are recorded to standard 2.5-inch solid-state drives. Cinedeck plays back shots instantly via on-screen transport controls. Gestural-based touch screen controls enable selected playback of just the portion of the clip to be reviewed. Cinedeck Extreme costs $9 995. An available Hi-Brite display option for maximum readability in bright sunlight is available for an additional $995.   Cinedeck www.cinedeck.com 

Barco Signs Exclusive Agreement with Cinemark,2010-07-14, Barco has announced an exclusive agreement with Cinemark in which Barco is providing turnkey installation and support services for thousands of digital cinema projectors. This agreement builds upon last year's announcement that Cinemark USA had selected Barco as their exclusive DLP digital cinema provider. 

Barco is currently installing its family of digital projectors in combination with Doremi media servers. The service agreement covers the initial installation including projectors pedestals audio system upgrades servers and automation. “In all facets of our conversion from 35 mm to digital 2D and 3D projection Barco has worked along side us as a trusted partner fully supporting its products as an integral part of their long term commitment to Cinemark's success ” says Alan Stock CEO of Cinemark. “Thanks to Barco's dedication to product quality and ongoing support these new systems will help to position Cinemark as a premier exhibitor enabling us to project the brightest images in the industry while preparing the company to fully embrace DLP-enhanced 4K.” 

 “Barco has always been known for its innovative high quality display products. We have been diligently expanding our service offerings to meet the high performance standards set by our customers with the goal of providing a virtually seamless transition from film to the new digital technology says Mike Jones vice president of customer service for Barco North America. “We are building a strong reputation for the deployment and servicing of complete digital cinema systems. By controlling all aspects of the value chain including product quality installation and system integration Barco has been able to keep deployments on a tight schedule while meeting very strict quality standards. This maximizes image quality and return on investment for our customers.” “With this unprecedented partnership representing the full continuum of service training and dedicated support Barco is underscoring its commitment to a comprehensive approach to projector system deployment ” says Todd Hoddick vice president of digital cinema for Barco North America. “This service partnership was a natural progression of the relationship we've built with Cinemark over the years providing the foundation for Barco to demonstrate our commitment to superior quality and reliability made possible by maintaining the finest service team in the industry.” Barco www.barco.com Cinemark www.cinemark.com