Kinoton Digital Solutions Begins Operations

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Wed, 07/02/2014 - 12:52 -- Nick Dager

Lutz Schmidt and Harald Bergbauer are the co-managers of Kinoton Digital Solutions.New business models and forward-looking ideas for operating in a changed market environment are the goals of Kinoton Digital Solutions, which as of July 1 has begun operations from its base in Germering, Germany. The successor, following liquidation, to Kinoton, the company says it will continue to offer customers custom-tailored, sustainable, complete cinema solutions as well as a comprehensive range of services and products.

Harald Bergbauer and Lutz Schmidt are the new company’s co-managing directors. Both have more than two decades of industry experience and have held strategic and operational responsibilities at Kinoton for many years.

Schmidt said, “We want to help our customers choose and develop existing and new system solutions by letting them benefit from the extensive industry experience and knowledge we have gained over the course of many years. For our customers, this means high-quality technical solutions for ensuring a leading-edge cinema experience while remaining cost-effective and tapping new sources of revenue with new technologies and formats.”

“Our enterprise will concentrate on providing professional services based on our employees’ competence and experience, as well as on innovative service approaches like Kinoton Cine Perfect,” said Bergbauer. “This will make sure that our customers continue to receive first-class support and all of the products that in the past were supplied by Kinoton GmbH (in liquidation). The same commitment also applies to all new projects and future technologies.”

Kinoton Digital Solutions