Jens Heinze to Join Ecco Board of Management

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Mon, 01/17/2022 - 12:30 -- Nick Dager

Jens Heinze, who currently holds the position of director operations at CinemaxX Entertainment, will be joining the management board of Ecco Cine Supply and Service in Hilden as of March 1. With the appointment, Ecco will be strengthening its strategic and operational management and setting the course for sustainable future growth, the company said.

Thomas Rüttgers, Ecco’s CEO and founder, left, with Jens Heinze.“You do not have to introduce Jens Heinze,” said Thomas Rüttgers, Ecco’s CEO and founder. “Everybody knows him, he is very well connected, with profound industry knowledge and a skill set that perfectly matches our business requirements. With Jens, Ecco is winning a true leader who will support us in optimizing internal workflows while bringing our business to the next level. We realized pretty quickly that we were a perfect fit for each other and look forward to driving and shaping Ecco's development together in the years to come.”

“After 30 years in the cinema business, I look forward to crossing the lines within the industry and continuing to write Ecco’s success story in the near future,” said Heinze. “As a distributor, Ecco has become an industry name and key player within a very short time. I am more than ready to take up the challenge to move Ecco’s business forward together with Thomas Rüttgers and his team. We are planning to work together in the long term.”