IVC Digital Film Center Opens 4K Mastering Theatre

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Sat, 10/30/2010 - 20:00 -- Nick Dager

The IVC Digital Film Center in Hollywood now features a 4K mastering theatre with both 4K and 2K projection THX certified surround and what the company claims is the largest currently installed color reference screen a 23-foot by 12-foot JKP Affinity. “The JKP Affinity screen is especially noteworthy ” says Jim James IVC’s chief engineer “and in our use it serves as what we believe is the best and largest color reference monitor now in use. It displays an incredible color accuracy and uniformity across its entire surface without artifacts of any sort.” IVC’s general manager Scott Call says “The JKP Affinity screen reveals detail not visible on conventional screens; I’m confident in telling our clients that they haven’t seen their content’s full resolution until they see it projected in our new DI theatre. This screen was specified and installed by Immersion Graphics because of their expertise and strong reputation of being at the forefront of advanced visualization system design and installation.” IVC a Point.360 company is a full service digital mastering facility.
 IVC Digital Film Center www.point360.com