IRT Introduces IMF Analyzer 1.0

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Thu, 12/01/2016 - 11:03 -- Nick Dager

IRT has released its first IMF Analyzer 1.0 for quality control and management in the file-based production process. The Interoperable Master Format is the new standard by SMPTE for storing, exchanging and delivering A/V productions. IMF defines a package, which contains, among other, different MXF files for audio, video, subtitle and metadata.

The IMF Analyzer software analyzes and validates IMF packages in depth regarding completeness and standard conformance. This includes the validation of the MXF container format.

With the help of the descriptive metadata, different versions, e.g. language versions or image resolution versions, can be generated from the contained components for the different distribution channels, if required.

IMF is employed by the U.S. film industry and on-demand video platforms, and will play as delivery and archive format a significant role in the area of broadcasting in the future.

The IMF Analyzer is available on request or directly at