IRT IMF Analyzer 2018 Now Available

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Wed, 01/17/2018 - 12:06 -- Nick Dager

The Institut fuer Rundfunktechnik’s IMF analyzer is now available. With the IMF Analyzer 2018, IRT presents the new version of its professional analyzer software for the Interoperable Master Format in the file-based production process. Initiated by the Hollywood film industry and video-on-demand platforms such as Netflix, the IMF standard of the Society of Motion Picture and Television Engineers is becoming increasingly important in the exchange of audiovisual content.

IMF is a master format, from which various versions for different distribution channels can be created. For example, an IMF package can contain different image resolutions, language versions and subtitle languages. Also, different length versions for cinema, TV and video-on-demand can be generated. This makes IMF indispensable for a worldwide exchange of content productions.  

IRT’s software product IMF Analyzer in-depth analyses and validates IMF packages according completeness and standard conformance including the contained MXF files. The version IMF Analyzer 2018 also offers a redesigned intuitive user interface with visualization of the IMF package structure and many new analysis functionalities, such as subtitle validation according to the IMSC 1 standard. The reporting of the results ranges from a traffic light representation that can be quickly captured until detailed reports.

The IMF Analyzer 2018 is available on request or directly from the IRT website at

For detailed information on the IMF standard and the practical usage of IMF, IRT will present a seminar in cooperation with Qvest Media on June 5 and 6 in Munich.