International 3D Society to Present Harold Lloyd Award

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Thu, 07/29/2010 - 20:00 -- Nick Dager

The International 3D Society will present the first Harold Lloyd Award at a ceremony in October. Suzanne Lloyd granddaughter of stereoscopic 3D pioneer actor and director Harold Lloyd will make the presentation. The award recognizes visionary individuals whose contributions have advanced the art and technologies of stereoscopic 3D.   My grandfather was always on the cutting edge of filmmaking ” says Lloyd chairman of Harold Lloyd Entertainment. “He poured his passion enthusiasm and creativity into his craft – and that was as true as ever the moment Harold picked up a 3D camera. He knew that 3D would become the medium of the future and spent decades capturing the world in this new and exciting way. I know my grandfather would be so very excited and honored to be a part of another momentous turning point in filmmaking. Harold Lloyd began photographing his friends and family such as Marilyn Monroe Humphrey Bogart Lauren Bacall and Ronald Reagan with a stereoscopic 3D still camera in 1947.  Lloyd also mastered the art of pin-up photography capturing models including Betty Paige. Lenny Lipton awards chairman and president Oculus 3D says Harold Lloyd's stature as a legendary star and filmmaker combined with his vision and passion for stereoscopic 3D make the presentation of our first Harold Lloyd Award truly an important occasion. Lloyd's Hollywood career spanned three decades and more than 200 movies as star director and producer.  He was ranked among the elite of Hollywood from the inception of filmmaking starting in silent film.  The Harold Lloyd Award honors his mastery of the film medium and that of those who will be named recipients each year. Harold Lloyd not only understood and advocated 3D; he formed and was the first president of the Hollywood Stereoscopic Society in 1950. Lloyd not only believed in 3D he left us with the concept of a 3D Society. He pioneered the trail we travel today says Jim Chabin president of the International 3D Society. The International 3D Society