Intel-A-Jib Provides Key Support for Fred & Vinnie Shoot

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Tue, 07/28/2009 - 20:00 -- Nick Dager

Matthews Studio Equipment’s Intel-a-Jib provided key support for the Steve Skovan (writer/executive producer Everybody Loves Raymond) directed independent feature Fred and Vinnie. When cinematographer Jason Tomaric and key grip Thomas Hunt began prepping for the short 18-day shoot they knew they needed equipment that would help them move fast and capture multiple moves at the same time. They say they’re pleased with the Intel-a-Jib. “It was easy to construct and gave the grip department a chance to throw it together at a moment’s notice ” says Hunt. “While other jibs usually shake and sway in the elements the Intel-a-Jib stands up to wind well on exterior day and night set ups. With the amount of camera movement in our movie the Intel-a-Jib gave us the ability to add a few more axis to our dolly moves. The ease of the build and operation as well as the ability to transport quickly gave us the chance to bring it out on a whim. It also made our high and low angle shots much more dynamic.” Intel-a-Jib a unique modular jib system that can go from zero to ten feet in two minutes without tools features an innovative V-Lock Connector which makes assembly and disassembly simple and fast without wires or cable. The one-piece X-Box Extrusion offers superior anti-deflection and anti-torsion properties resulting in a lightweight jib with a great load capacity and smooth operation. The Intel-a-Jib can accept virtually any camera package. Intel-a-Jib is offered exclusively through Matthews Studio Equipment.