Influx Extends Technology Support Offer for African Cinemas

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Mon, 11/18/2019 - 11:04 -- Nick Dager

Announcing its participation in the Emerging Cinema Markets conference in Istanbul November 19-21, Influx Worldwide has extended its dedicated African program of cinema technology products and services for African movie theatres – It’s Showtime for Africa – into 2020. The program is offered on a low- to no-cost basis to qualifying cinema exhibitors, to enable digital movie ticketing, loyalty and subscription programs for moviegoers across the continent.

Harish Anand Thilakan, CEO, Influx Worldwide“Africa has swept ahead of the curve when it comes to adoption of technology, right from going mobile-first and embracing 4G data, to being one of the largest consumer groups of social media content,” said Harish Anand Thilakan, CEO, Influx Worldwide. “We are convinced that as long as we can make it easier and more memorable for Africans to go to the movies, they will turn up and we are happy to do what we can to make that happen.”

Influx joins a growing list of companies in the entertainment space—including Paramount,  Comscore, Dolby, IMAX, Sony, Qube, Vista and POSitive, among others—who are pledging their support to help expand the African movie-going market and experience..

Thilakan added, “We’re excited to debut our latest cinema ticketing innovation, specially curated for the African market, at ECM 2019. Stay tuned for more.”

The Emerging Cinema Markets Conference is organized by Digital Cinema Solutions Events, an independent events company for the cinema industry.

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