Industrial Color Launches IC Motion

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Tue, 05/26/2009 - 20:00 -- Nick Dager

Industrial Color of Culver City California has launched IC Motion to provide HD RAW video capture and post-production services for professional photographers producers and filmmakers. With recent advances in RAW digital video capture systems from manufacturers like Red Digital Cinema and RAW video and color editing software from Apple the industry is experiencing a transformative opportunity for photographers to produce video content on still sets and beyond. From a workflow and cost perspective it makes sense to shoot video footage on a still photo set. With increasing demand for content driven by the shift to digital advertising photographers are being offered more opportunity to direct video for everything from commercials to B-roll behind the scenes interviews and short films says Steve Kalalian president and founder of Industrial Color. Red Digital is thrilled that Industrial Color has chosen to adopt the Red One for its customer base of high end photographers. Their CinePak system of the Red One camera and Apple on-set gear for review and grading is the kind of logic we are seeing appeal to this new breed of hybrid photography where motion picture images and high resolution still images are being obtained on the same device. As Red moves into our next generation Scarlet and Epic cameras companies like Industrial Color that are adopting the technology now will continue to be in a leadership position as the market evolves says Ted Schilowitz Red Digital Cinema. Industrial Color