Indigo Son Vital Distraction in production on Seven Masters

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Tue, 07/22/2008 - 20:00 -- Nick Dager

Indigo Son Productions has started production on the full-length animated film Seven Masters. This film will be the first in a series Indigo Son will produce in a partnership with Vital Distraction provider of 3D graphics for film television and music videos. Distribution rights were secured by Universal /Vivendi and release is anticipated in Q2 2010. Michael “Mickey” Shapiro Indigo Son president and former manager and lawyer for Fleetwood Mac Steely Dan The Kinks and other music heavyweights says it is the storyline of the Seven Masters series that will entice both children and adults alike. “Reading this script was like hearing a top ten hit for the first time ” says Shapiro. Seven Masters weaves compelling storytelling into a format that is fresh and evocative. The story consists of plenty of action and the classic struggle between Light and Dark that appeals to the younger audience. It also contains sophisticated storylines that explore the evolution and inner complexities of the characters along their journey. This original story was created by Nina Linh who co-wrote the script with Mike Smith. “The story has been described as Star Wars meets Lord of the Rings ” says Linh “but we also had a concept of exactly how the story should be told. The look and the feel were equally as important as the story itself.” Shapiro says the partnership with Vital Distraction had a lot to do with that vision. “We believe that this company is the best choice to realize our dream ” he says. “These guys are really at the top of their craft.” Michael Moore general managing partner for Vital Distraction shares Linh’s vision. “They wanted to bring the style and feel of anime yet utilize 3D to sharpen it up…very unique approach ” says Moore. “They are definitely going for a style not really seen before. The story line is incredible and the look and feel will complement that story”. Shapiro Linh Smith and Vital Distraction together will produce Seven Masters. Moore also notes this will be a big step for the software program Vital Distraction utilizes. “This will be the first animated film to be created entirely in Cinema 4D ” says Moore. “Vital Distraction has always tried to stay on the forefront of bringing this software into mainstream Hollywood and this will be a huge leap forward in that endeavor. Cinema may finally get the recognition it deserves.” Vital partner Chris Villa adds that they are currently seeking cinema artists that would like to be involved in this project. Vital Distraction