IndiePix Nelson Madison Films Release Skid Row

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Tue, 08/12/2008 - 20:00 -- Nick Dager

  IndiePix the Internet-based distributor of independent films has announced a partnership with Nelson Madison Films’ distribution arm Indie Rights Inc. The partnership coincides with the launch of the new ‘Activist’ and ‘Educational’ Editions of Skid Row – a no-holds-barred documentary featuring Pras Michael from the Fugees as he takes to the streets of downtown Los Angeles for nine days with no money or food. For the first time the film is available from IndiePix as an ‘Activist Edition’ which enables individuals and non-profit organizations to host their own screenings and also an ‘Educational Edition’ which includes teaching guides for schools and colleges.   Skid Row is a five-mile radius in downtown LA which has the highest concentration of homeless people in the US. An average of 80 000 homeless men women and children sleep on Skid Row on any given night which is more than double the whole of New York’s homeless population. This eye-opening film documents the relentless work of the Midnight Mission and includes footage that Pras Michael witnessed in the homeless capital of America.   Nelson Madison Films approached IndiePix to provide them with a tailor-made distribution package that would promote the film – as well as the cause behind it – in the most effective way possible. The new ‘Educational Edition’ provides material to help schools teach teenagers about issues such as poverty homelessness and drug abuse while the ‘Activist Edition’ enables private screenings across the States and includes information about what organizations people can get involved with how to learn more about the issues and how to organize and take political action. In addition to DVD and Download from IndiePix Skid Row is available to consumers for free viewing on the advertiser-supported service SnagFilms.   “This film was made with the intention of raising awareness and inspiring action ” says Linda Nelson Co-Founder of Nelson Madison Films and its distribution subsidiary Indie Rights “but Skid Row and the message behind it have really been lost on the big sites such as Amazon. Skid Row is a fantastic documentary but the mainstream distribution model really wasn’t well suited to the film. IndiePix is the best distribution model on the net for independent films so we contacted them to help us revitalise the DVD and raise money and awareness for the cause.”   From the beginning Nelson Madison Films committed to donating half of its revenue stream from the film to The Midnight Mission knowing that none of the profits from traditional distribution would flow to the cause.  Indiepix is supportive of this mission and is also donating part of its profit. “We’re urging people to buy the DVD through IndiePix because of the financial support it provides for the Midnight Mission. Skid Row was made to highlight a very real and growing problem in the US – a problem that a lot of people sometimes choose to disregard even when it is right on their doorstep. The extra features in the ’Activist’ and ‘Educational’ Editions of Skid Row also mean that people have the resources to get involved and raise awareness and money for a problem that affects almost every city ” says Nelson.   Skid Row is to be screened in Denver on August 24th during the Democratic National Convention. Pras Michael will participate in a Q&A session which will be held after the screening alongside John Parvansky the executive director of the National Coalition For the Homeless and the president of the Colorado Coalition for the Homeless.   The film is available from the IndiePix website priced from $17.50. A connection to the SnagFilms presentation of this title is also available at that location. Readers can click here to see the trailer.   IndiePix Nelson Madison Films