Indiepay Rebrands Itself as GreenSlate

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Mon, 06/05/2017 - 12:20 -- Nick Dager

Entertainment payroll company Indiepay officially unveiled its rebrand today as GreenSlate with the launch of enhanced entertainment payroll and accounting software. Now, GreenSlate users have all-digital employee start-work capabilities, digital/mobile timecards, online purchase order management, and prepaid cards to replace petty cash.

“GreenSlate is excited to be a leader in bringing much needed change to the industry, creating business software that drives efficiencies and simplifies work for productions” said John Finn, CEO.  “Our technology syncs and unifies payroll processing, accounting, and workflow solutions, eliminating financial drag and operations bottlenecks. We’ve achieved the right combination of user friendly technology, business friendly service, and eco-friendly document management.”

Providing a customizable mix of digital business solutions and world-class customer service, GreenSlate is transforming the content production enterprise for award-winning productions, global franchises, and independent storytellers. Enhanced efficiencies across payroll and accounting drive better bottom lines for production teams, freeing up time and resources better spent on creating great content.

GreenSlate Key Features

Intuitive production accounting software

Tax credit management

Sustainability-focused (e.g, Eco Tracker monitors business operations’ environmental impact; digitized systems eliminate the need for paper)

Flexible pricing / custom software packages

High-level customer service