Indiefilmnet Acquiring Content for Cinema Meets Culture Series

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Fri, 05/13/2011 - 20:00 -- Nick Dager

A new company Indiefilmnet has opened its doors with the goal of distributing alternative content to cinemas worldwide. The company says it offers unique services to movie theatres featuring an all inclusive membership package of high quality diversified content leading edge technology and various level of promotions. 
 While the company is new its management and operational team have decades of experience in classical and alternative content distribution as well as advanced cinema technology expertise. Drawing on this wealth of experience iFN says it has forged a cinema-centric approach focusing on profitability and success of every content item it accepts for distribution. iFN has already signed up a number of member cinemas and content partners and started to roll out selected content leading with its popular Cinema Meets Culture series. The short-term goal of iFN is to accumulate a worldwide digital network of 300 plus cinemas. The company is currently negotiating network participation with over 200 cinemas worldwide.
iFN CEO Ilya Sorokin had previous associations with Montreal-based DigiScreen Corporation as a shareholder and an advisor where he learned the business of Classical content distribution. Combining that knowledge with extensive Wall Street technology and business management expertise provided the baseline for expeditious rollout of iFN by attracting top notch personnel and technology. 
  Says Sorokin “The ultimate company focus is on serving cinemas content providers and end users worldwide. We are starting with the cinemas as a focal point of our business model. While we continue to expand our cinema membership base the company will be increasing its content portfolio by adding 3D original content live and recorded concerts sports events classical documentary and many other channels targeting interested audiences. The last but most important prong of our business model is the movie goer – iFN will be focusing on a social network approach to engage and interact with the audiences worldwide in order to provide them with the appropriate viewing experience.” Indiefilmnet