IDX Powers Canon’s New C300 Mark II 4K Camera

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Fri, 09/18/2015 - 11:30 -- Nick Dager

IDX has released the AT-E2CMKII – an Endura V-Mount battery adaptor plate for Canon’s new C300 Mark II camera.

The V-Mount adaptor plate allows IDX Endura V-Mount batteries to power the C300 Mark II. It is equipped with a genuine Lemo connector for a direct connection to the camera and offers D-Tap outputs, capable of handling 50W each, for powering ancillary gear. IDX’s signature V-Plate design offers flexible mounting with 3 industry standard screw-hole patterns to adapt to virtually any cheese plate or camera support rod-mounting accessory.  

“We are happy to expand our V-Mount accessory line with the AT-E2CMKII Canon C300 Mark II adaptor plate,” said Tomo Nishikawa, general manager, IDX System Technology. “Canon continues to deliver great cameras and we are honored to continually build our relationship with them by delivering great power solutions for their cameras. We understand that the C300 Mark II comes with an on-board battery, which is perfect for run and gun/handheld shoots; however, when it comes to shooting composed shots that include many accessories, a larger battery is necessary to power everything. This is where we see our new product help maximize production efficiency.”