IDC Sells Cinema Receivers to CinecolorSAT

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Tue, 06/11/2013 - 11:51 -- Nick Dager

International Datacasting has sold its SuperFlex Pro Cinema receivers to CinecolorSAT – the leading digital cinema content distribution network in Latin America—part of Grupo Chilefims.

Grupo Chilefilms, which owns and operates the CinecolorSAT digital cinema satellite distribution network—delivers motion pictures, trailers, advertising and alternative content such as sports events to cinemas in Mexico, Colombia, Brazil, Argentina and Chile. To establish this network, last year Grupo Chilefilms deployed a large complement of IDC SuperFlex Pro Cinema cache servers and event players.

With its most recent IDC order, Grupo Chilefilms will expand its CinecolorSAT network to include digital cinemas in Brazil, Argentina, Chile and The Caribbean. The new equipment includes: SuperFlex Pro Cinema Cache Servers and SuperFlex Pro Cinema Event Players for Cinecolor Brazil and Cinecolor Chile; and SuperFlex Pro Cinema Event Players for Cinecolor Argentina.

“The digital cinema market throughout Latin America, especially in Brazil, Argentina, and Chile is extremely strong and growing rapidly,” said Stefano Levera, engineering director of Grupo Chilefilms. “As an international distributor of digital cinema content, it’s vital that we select a solution tailored to the unique demands of this business, which is why we chose IDC’s SuperFlex Pro Cinema solution as the infrastructure for CinecolorSAT. We’ve ordered additional units because our existing IDC head-end and receivers have proven to be a feature-rich end-to-end platform that lets us control and manage every aspect of our operation, and exhibitors are demanding stability and quality.”

As a store-and-forward server, the SuperFlex Pro Cinema Cache Server meets the quality standards for Digital Cinema Package (DCP) file delivery and transfer, as well as live event distribution via DVB-S/S2 satellite and IP networks. When the SuperFlex Pro Cinema Event Player receives an IP video stream from the companion Cache Server, it delivers a high-quality 2D or 3D image to digital cinema projectors.

“This new order from Grupo Chilefilms for our SuperFlex Pro Cinema solution as part of its CinecolorSAT distribution network demonstrates their continued trust in our brand and technology,” said Doug Lowther, president and CEO at IDC. “Their upcoming rollout into the Brazilian, Argentinian and Chilean markets underscores their remarkable success as a leader in the rapidly growing digital cinema industry in Latin America.”