IDC and Sensio Work Together on First Live HD 3D Event in Europe

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Thu, 04/30/2009 - 20:00 -- Nick Dager

International Datacasting Corporation and Sensio Technologies have announced the beginning of their first operational roll out of live 3D in high definition for digital cinema in Europe. The announcement was made following the first 3D live broadcast via satellite of a complete basketball game in Europe to multi locations across Italy on April 19th. The Sensio 3D technology used in the system adds additional revenue generating capability to Opensky's new satellite broadband DVB-S2 distribution network which has been deployed specifically for live events and alternate content delivery to theatres across Europe equipped with digital cinema projection systems.
 As part of their digital cinema service offering OpenSky has formed the 3D Stereoscopic group (3DSG) a partnership with dBW Communication and Eutelsat for the end-to-end production and distribution of 3D live events across Europe. This first event on an operationally deployed network is a major milestone for all participating companies. We are pleased to be working with IDC and SENSIO on this very exciting network expansion. Their leading edge technology and their practical experience with the satellite delivery of digital cinema content and 3D live events means we are able to get to market quickly. The system transmission is bandwidth efficient and delivers the rock-solid high performance needed to impresses audiences with a totally immersive 3D experience says Walter Munarini managing director of OpenSky Italy. This was an invitation only event that provided experts and stakeholders with the opportunity to enjoy the game and to prove the outstanding quality of the 3D Live provided by our team. Very soon cinema customers in the OpenSky network will enjoy a commercial event with sport music and more.
 This milestone marks another step forward for IDC as we continue with our strategy of providing the advanced technology solutions needed for the international digital cinema market. Our partnership with Sensio Technologies along with the licencing of the Dolby technology we announced a couple of weeks ago and our ProFline sales and support team in Europe were all key to making this happen and position us well for the future saya Ron Clifton IDC president and CEO. We are pleased to see this initial rollout in Europe. Our partnership with IDC with their technology and international distribution experience is paying off by ensuring we get deployed along with the first professional digital cinema distribution networks. With more and more events being produced with our Ssensio 3D technology and the momentum building in response to the excellent high definition quality we are demonstrating with real events to real audiences means we are quickly becoming the de-facto standard in the digital cinema industry and this is bringing great brand recognition to our consumer 3D market activities says Nicholas Routhier Sensio's president and CEO.