The ICA Broadens Portfolio of Training Courses

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Thu, 04/29/2010 - 20:00 -- Nick Dager

The International Colorist Academy has increased the number and types of colorist training courses available providing students with more opportunities to expand their knowledge and learn directly from an experienced colorist. ICA offers colorists a wide variety of technique-based courses including basic color theory digital intermediate and film workflows telecine and lab grading client interaction and looks and styles.  The classes and workshops cover a broad range of manufacturer color grading systems and many are not system specific.   Several ICA partners will host the courses providing the high quality environment and tools required for optimal training.  Those partners include the Media Village in Singapore Roush Media in Los Angeles Digital Vision and Transmedia in London. Getting accurate in depth information into the community is a top priority for Digital Vision ” says Martin Bennett vice president worldwide marketing. “It's not just marketing we see it as the way that the industry remains vital and as technology rapidly evolves putting forth this information alongside professional training is important for the industry as a whole.  The ICA sessions are invaluable to colorists and to those who work with them and with their customers.  Digital Vision heartily supports the ICA efforts to consistently educate and connect colorists.  We're delighted to host the May 10-12 event in our London offices and look forward to collaborating with them. Patrick de Silva director at Media Village says The Media Village is pleased to host these ICA-certified training courses in Singapore as it gives creative professionals in our part of Asia a chance to enhance their colorist skills. The initial response has been very encouraging and we're already exploring ways that we can offer additional courses later in the year. “At Roush Media we are strong supporters of the International Colorist Academy ” says founder Keith Roush. “The instruction is truly world class and extremely helpful to our staff and students alike.  As an established professional colorist with 7 years of experience I learned so much in one of Kevin Shaw’s classes. The ICA is without a doubt the best professional colorist training out there and we are pleased to host their upcoming Los Angeles-based classes.” “The International Colorist Academy is helping to train local talent providing them with the relevant skills to enter and maintain a colorist career in the post production industry ” says Arun Aulakh operations manager at Transmedia. “ICA’s commit to consistently deliver high quality training is one of the reasons we chose to partner with them and help facilitate their courses.”   The ICA schedule of upcoming courses includes: May 3-5 – DaVinci Resolve     Hosted by:  The Media Village Singapore ICA instructor and colorist:  Warren Eagles May 10-12 – Colorist Strategies using Digital Vision Film Master Hosted by: Digital Vision London ICA instructor and colorist:  Kevin Shaw May 24 – Colorist Introduction Hosted by: Roush Media Los Angeles ICA instructor and colorist:  Kevin Shaw May 25-27 – Colorist Strategies Hosted by: Roush Media Los Angeles ICA instructor and colorist:  Kevin Shaw May 28-29 – Popular Looks Hosted by: Roush Media Los Angeles ICA instructor and colorist:  Kevin Shaw May 31 – Digital Vision Film Master Update Hosted by: Roush Media Los Angeles ICA instructor and colorist:  Kevin Shaw June 16-18 – Color Strategies using Apple Color Hosted by: Transmedia London ICA instructor and colorist:  Warren Eagles TBD – Colorflow – Managing Color Consistency from Camera to Delivery ICA instructor and colorist:  Cédric Lejeune Click here to book a spot in one of the ICA courses or to arrange on-site training visit.