HUB International Launches Entertainment Practice

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Fri, 11/14/2014 - 11:28 -- Nick Dager

Hub International Limited has launched its Hub Entertainment Industry Solutions practice, focused on providing risk management and insurance solutions for the entertainment industry including film, television, music, theatre, video gaming, business management, venues and high-risk live events. The practice capitalizes on Hub’s existing entertainment expertise to provide specialized industry coverage solutions for performances, professionals, events and services, and already has several hundred clients.

“We are the only broker in North America that brings together deep expertise in each of these eight entertainment specialties, and has the geographic footprint of over 300 office locations around the world,” said Andrew Forchelli, president of Hub’s Entertainment Industry Solutions. “This combination allows us to meet the needs of our entertainment clients regardless of what they’re doing or where they’re doing it.”

Hub’s entertainment practice is structured around eight distinct specialties:

Film & TV Production – Studios, animators, DICE and television

Music & Touring – Entertainers, festivals, promoters and suppliers

High-Risk Live Events – High-risk public marketing events and campaigns

Business Management – Financial management for high net-worth individuals

Theatre – On and off-Broadway productions

Video Gaming – Online and console publishers and developers

Venues – Performance venues for live audiences

Contingency – Event cancellation and non-appearance

Customized coverage and risk management solutions are developed to meet the highly unique risks and exposures of the entertainment industry.

Hub’s Entertainment practice has offices and experts in key geographies including Los Angeles, New York, Nashville, Miami and Toronto.  The practice will also support the 300+ Hub offices throughout North America to serve the needs of local productions, venues and on-location opportunities and deliver a combination of localized service and national entertainment expertise.

Hub International Entertainment Industry Solutions