HTV illuminate Lights Up Color Pipeline With Film Master

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Fri, 09/26/2008 - 20:00 -- Nick Dager

HTV illuminate has purchased two Digital Vision Film Master color grading systems. The Film Masters will become an integral part of an expanded workflow and service offering at the Hollywood post-production facility well-known for digital cinema packaging digital intermediate mastering restoration and standards conversion for film and television. Ron Sabatino technical director of HTV illuminate says “We meticulously evaluated the solutions that we needed to introduce into our workflow as our offerings expand and the facility was upgraded. After looking at the Film Master and witnessing its ability to act as central creative hub in the digital intermediate process we realized that it is the strongest product available at any price point. HTV has created a process utilizing a number of high quality tools for the DI and mastering pipeline and Film Master was a winner for us because it is so much more than just a grading system.” Simon Cuff president and chief operating officer Digital Vision says “HTV illuminate has expanded the services it can offer the client including full 2K and 4K digital intermediate high definition feature mastering and DCP production. The Film Master’s color grading tools flexibility and conform underscore HTV’s service offerings perfectly as all these deliverables can be created with accurate color rapidly and from a single timeline. The Film Master will support the great work that HTV illuminate does for the creative community and allow them to focus more of their efforts on the creative pass which is what DI is all about.” Digital Vision HTV illuminate